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  1. ferma231

    Make $1000/Month Without Owning Any Site, FB page, or List...

    Hey guys Let me contribute something useful here, this is some new concept i successfuly used. * You will need some start capital for this $100 is good. * You will need good facebook account * You will need CPA account of affiliate network acc 1) Go to facebook and search for fan pages with...
  2. ferma231

    24.000 People online - Really ?

    just saw this and cant believe There are currently 24264 users online. 151 members and 24113 guests Is there MMD on news or something to get that much traffic ? MMD beat other forums by online people count now :D
  3. ferma231

    Re-introduction - Ferma231 Is Back

    Hey everybody Just wanted to re introduce myself, because a lot of people probably dont know me here. My real name is Aivis and im from Latvia, small country in Europe. Im into IM for like 2 years and i still remember how i joined MMD and searched all info i can, and heck it was worth it. I...
  4. ferma231

    Dont Chase Traffic And Money, Chase NEEDS And In the End Make Money

    This is some cool idea and tip which will help you. Ask questions bellow I think people make mistake by chasing traffic and money, they dont realize that you can chase it without results. Lets say you find site with HUGE traffic, people are interested in guitar lessons and how to play...
  5. ferma231

    [METHOD] Easy, Instant Money To Your Paypal - Noob Friendly ...

    You know that affiliate networks like Clickbank and any other CPA network need time to send money to your paypal and then to your pocket. People use clickabnk to get $$$, but there are affiliate programs with instant payment to your paypal, one of them is , there was few other...
  6. ferma231

    2 Words That Will Make You $1.000.000

    So i had this thread idea in mind for few weeks now and finally i will make it. I have read this in book called - Millionaire Fastlane , awesome and brilliant book i reccomend it. I can see more and more threads about silly amount of money, like make $1 per day, make $10 per day etc. i dont say...
  7. ferma231

    For All Who Want To Make Serious Cash ONLY !

    So there are a lot of noobs who dont make money and just ask dumb questions, you have to admit, there is, maybe even you if you reading this. I want to change it somehow and this thread will be about making money, success, focus and hard work. I do get messages time by time, skype messages...
  8. ferma231

    PPD Tricks And Tips From My Experience

    Havent posted much here, So i though maybe someone needs this info Anyway, some time ago i was doing great with PPD sites, made some good money, now i do also, but much less and its on autopilot, so i just let it go, doing other things instead. Here will be some tips to improve conversions...
  9. ferma231

    Are You making $200+/Day and need help scaling up?

    Closed and must be deleted
  10. ferma231 - 1500 friend acc

    Hey How much should i ask for 1k friends in ? :D Would $5 be reasonable price per 1000 friends ?
  11. ferma231

    Dating sites

    Hello Can anyone tell me good dating site which allows clickable links in PM or about me?
  12. ferma231

    Content Locker For Violence

    Is there any CPA network which allows Violent content ? Like deaths , some nasty videos, pictures , shocking videos and pictures ? With youtube it would be easy to pull traffic to website
  13. ferma231

    SEO competition - READY TO TAKE ACTION !

    Hey guys . so i want to make SEO website and hopefuly make money with it , im ready to work , i study SEO now really hard and i know i can get succes , but i need some help with competition . here are 7 keywords what i found , Low Searches , it will be just for test , if i get...
  14. ferma231

    AddonNetwork VS DirectCPV

    Okey guys , im going to step in PPV , my starting capital isnt realy high $130 . But i can get it bigger , right ? So i want to know which is better for begginer ? AdonNetwork or DIrectCPV, i will deffinetly do Direct Linking ! So which od these are better ? Till this i have watched PPV...
  15. ferma231

    Quick Question

    Hey guys So i have 1 question I have blog , where i promoting 1 hack for game , and they can just click download and they end up with filling survey from sharecash So maybe Conversation could be better if they enter email adress where i ''send'' them hack and then they could just save it...
  16. ferma231

    PPV masters

    Hey guys , well i havent asked anything here , but i will now So what i need , is to get some Awsome , working PPV strategies , Ebooks , Video courses etc. From what i could earn money . Now i have some time to learn about this , because i will start PPV soon as i get money , i watched...
  17. ferma231

    Low deposit ppv network

    Does anyone know Low deposit network ? i want to try out with $10, first , im realy newbie in ppv , so i dont want to put $200 and lose all , well i dont have $200 too :D So please let me know about low deposit PPV networks ;)
  18. ferma231

    little help

    Hey , who can help me with leadbolt ? i want to make it so locker appears when people click on button and then offer appears , but i cant make it :@ i emailed them but when they answered me i still dont get it how its done :D I have cool idea, and i realy need this , if you help me i will...
  19. ferma231

    Power Lead Pro Help?

    Hey anyone have this software ? it can get tons of email and then just clikc send and it will sent but i dont know how I can get emails , i can write email text subject , BUT what is SMTP server ? i need to enter it there so i think i could send emails then but cant find it anywhere , any...
  20. ferma231

    My Journal to Get Money For new CAR !

    Hello all . So finaly I think to Making my Own Journal here . I think it will motivate me more So basicly i Need money for car , Good car Maybe for $3000 Since this time i have made about $100 in about 5-6 months cant remember BUT i have planty of ebooks , video course and etc ANd today i...