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    Domain names

    It seems people just grab up domain names and then don't use them. So I'm doing some keyword research, I think I found a great keyword, and find out the domain is taken. Even though this keyword is a long tailed keyword that I would have never thought of. I really need to relieve some...
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    Niche Keyword Research

    Started doing some niche keyword research, and wanted to know what minimum search volume should I look for. The current keyword I'm looking at is getting 9000 hits per month broad search, and 672 exact searches per month. That's about 20 daily searches. Should I be looking at the exact or...
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    Keyword competition getting page one?

    What program is best to see if your keyword can get ranked on page one with ease. I don't mind doing some hard work, but since I'm a beginner I don't want to spend the next six month's trying to get to page one. Also what time frame should I expect to get ranked on page one with an easy to...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello all, my name is Peter, been learning Internet Marketing on and off but haven't taken it seriously. Decided to finally take action hoping to really learn from all of you. Thanks for the community a lot of info on tthis forum.