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  1. thatguy2008

    MMD VIP Truths

    There is a simple rule in business. "It's no what you know, but who you know". I've never found that to be truer than when I signed up as a VIP over a year ago. At the time, I was 3 years in the IM game, and hittin a wall. I knew enough to be dangerous, but not how to implement. Takin action...
  2. thatguy2008

    The Next Level

    Well MMD, here's my testimony... I came to this forum by Google and never left. I was in IM for 3 years then, and belong to many other forums. I was doing ok by many standards, but not that next level income that changes your life. I read up on my posts, tried a few things, and found many...
  3. thatguy2008

    Hello MMD

    Good Day to All, I am thatguy2008! I am grayhat type of dude with 3 years of IM experience. I also belong to a few BH/WH communities and look forward to learning and contributing to this forum as well. Cheers!