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  1. Qai88

    How to Start Your Freelance Career With Upwork

    Anyone interested in starting an Agency at Upwork with me? Or can I join one who has an agency at Upwork? Let me know thx.
  2. Qai88

    An Easier Way to Gain Trust In Affiliate?

    So I did a few more affiliate marketing and I managed to do so through my contacts. I identified one by one who actually needs what I'm offering. So far, I got 5 of them in at a span of 2 weeks. However, that took a lot of my time of going through one by one. My standard affiliate marketing...
  3. Qai88

    A Web Adventure from Asia

    OH MY DEUS!! So its been 2 years since my last update and see where have I gotten to? I had to re-read my goals to find how far I've gotten. So here's TL;DR update: Goal #1: Switched from CrowdSourcing a Product Search Engine Site to something of a smaller scale. Less content, more functions...
  4. Qai88

    1 Passive Income Stream achieved. Now to build a 2nd.

    1 Passive Income Stream achieved. Now to build a 2nd.
  5. Qai88

    How to collect and verify phone numbers from a landing page?

    I can easily create any basic landing page to collect emails with an offer back or incentive to download a free ebook or software or what have you. But I am wondering, how would you go about in collecting people's phone numbers and then verifying that number? I'm thinking of doing cold calling...
  6. Qai88

    (PARTNERS WANTED) Your website and content + My traffic = adsense $$$

    Dude, your traffic service sounds awesome.
  7. Qai88

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to MMD! Feel free to look around, ask questions, do joint ventures, and make buttloads of money.
  8. Qai88

    Is there any way someone could recommend me how to start?

    @mikewashtm dude, this was like 4 years ago.
  9. Qai88

    Make money by using this new, working traffic exchanger (Youtube/several methods).

    Any chance that these viewers aren't doing the same thing? Like just viewing other sites, automatically, but not getting converted into buyers? Kinda wasted actually.
  10. Qai88

    How did you make your first $100?

    I made mine through various streams. 1. Through Forex - It was a very slow market for me. And I'm a slow learner so I couldn't trade as much. 2. Through Fiverr - Made $25 out of that one. 3. Through Freelancing - Designed and Built Websites for clients. Fixed web issues, etc. 4. Through Article...
  11. Qai88

    Another Great XXXX+/month Method!

    Well, this does work. But your target customer profile would be those businesses that have no clue about websites or hosting and/or how e-commerce works. Expert Web Developers or DevOps would prefer to do VPS reselling instead. Actually, this is a really old method but a resell business is...
  12. Qai88

    ▒▒▒▓Earn $3 to + $3000 every month without investment!! ▓ Easiest way of making money in 2015!! ▓▒▒▒

    Well if its working then go for it! Good for you BigBadWolf! Keep at it! You'll definitely hit BIG!
  13. Qai88

    How to earn the fastest $100 ever

    I guess that's one way to go about it. Now if you can find a way to make it repetitive or run on a daily basis, this should be the prime money making method I've seen. However, from the looks of it, its more like a one-off kind of deal. But if anybody wants to try and get an easy $100, go for it!
  14. Qai88

    Review My Landing Page

    Hi all, I just made my landing page to build up a game development resource portal. Can anyone give me a little bit of feedback? Is it good on your mobile devices? How's the page loading speed on your network? Stuff like that. URL: P.S. Be kind with your constructive criticism.
  15. Qai88

    Looking for a specific website I found YEARS ago :/ Help please? is a website for creating such design competitions. Of course, the award money would have to be sufficient enough to get quality designers to participate though.
  16. Qai88

    easy to make $1500,- a week

    Just incase, anyone hasn't noticed or wasted data on downloading that text attachment. IT'S A TRAP!!
  17. Qai88

    Fake Emails in Email List Building

    Hi All! So I managed to get some subscribers to my list and at each time these subscribers sign up, they're all jumbled up with some random domain name. Here's an example (not a real email): [email protected] I googled for "how to make fake emails" and there's plenty of email hosting...
  18. Qai88

    sell plr articles packs on budget advice

    Use It's short, simple, straightforward, less complications - what more could you ask for?
  19. Qai88

    5 Easy Ways to Make Money by Blogging

    This isn't 5 ways. They're more like 5 steps.
  20. Qai88

    (Some work required) working ewhoring strategy! (NSFW)

    Not exactly. Since using webcam to actively connect to send and receive messages, the IP address is logged. So if that desperate horny dude really decides to track down where you live to start having some "fun", then that's what you will get. "Fun" things will happen. So to avoid this, put up a...