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    Cool site to get Traffic to your Social Feeds!

    Hey, everyone! ;) I have stumbled on a pretty cool site called Basically, you connect all your Social Feeds together in one place and earn credits by being active. Those credits are then turned into getting more traffic to your feeds. The site has all kinds of cool tools to keep you...

    Twitter Release new APP to Compete with Instagram.

    Twitter has recently just released a new App called, "Vine". Although, Instagram does rock a 100 Million user base. Vine is already blowing up and can get quite addicting! What sets Vine apart from Instagram is that its not for sharing pictures. Instead you are sharing 6 second gif integrated...

    Google giving away FREE internet BETA (TiSP)....

    So the big G is at it again. They are going to provide in house users free internet.... The part that gets me is the way you will be installing this "Free Internet". It appears you "Flush it down your own toilet!". Google provides you with your own instillation kit. Comes with installing CD...

    Recruiting Cam City Models.

    Alright I am going to be really pushing it, trying to get Models for Cam City. ;) I signed up for being a Agent when they first came out, but I didn't really try all that hard on getting future Models. Until, yesterday I started going at it like a MAD MAN haha. I pretty much have my eggs in as...

    Tap Talk

    Hey, this is for the Admin or Mods.... I use to use Tap Talk a lot for this forum. Its easy, and convenient when away from the computer. It seems, to not work anymore ever since the MMD Forum went through some changes. It gives me a error msg saying, "Contact the Forum Admin blah blah". Can...

    Wtf is going on with mmd??

    Is it just me, or is something seriously wrong with MMD? last few days it was going from, being completely down, or some 401 error. Now Its working, well kinda? Few things are all jacked up or out of order....

    ****** list posting

    How do you post on CL without getting "ghosted" I have tried a proxy/delete ******s,remove history. What am I missing??

    Adwords Coupons HELP

    Hey, so I have tried 3 times with different accounts to use these $100 credits. I get suspended everytime? How do you guys get this to work for you?:bawling:

    [HELP] adsense

    Well I am starting to get really mad about adsense.... I currently barely get 2 clicks a day = couple bucks. I know not much but it is to me being a newbie in all. So what is happing is I get these clicks and the next day they take the revenue from me! I know they validate and have to take some...

    OK its time!!

    OK, its time.... OK!! well I have been reading and posting on this forum for a few months now. Its about time I start a personal journal!! What my goal for right now is to make $10 a week. After I can accomplish that I will raise the bar :proud: What I am doing.... I have two sites up and...

    Adsense site

    Hello, I am currently building up one of my webpages for Adsense. I am wondering how much traffic should I try and aim for, to run a successful Adsense revenue site? :fisheye:

    Ranking a EMD??

    I have a EMD with low compitetion, I am pretty sure its "indexed" in google because when I type my My page will appear on google but when I do the exact keyword search I cant find it anywhere at all. I have made some back-links and I think proper SEO with a wordpress plug-in. What steps...

    Amazon Question

    Hey guys.... my question is i have a sale in amazon and under conversion rate it says N/A. Also doesnt have my cut anywhere im not sure what this means?

    Exact Domain Ranking

    hmmm so how long does it take google to rank a "exact domain match", after submitting into google?:questionmark:

    Keyword domain

    If i bought a exact match domain for the keyword, would i be ranked number #1 easier? Example: they search for "best protein reviews" it has a high competition a few thousand searches a month. How likely would i be to rank number one....

    SEO/Google page ranking

    What are the best methods to get ranked quickly in Google? With a high search rate Keyword, Low comp.:questionmark:

    New whats up!!

    Hey everyone, Name is Mike, age 26. I am new to IM but have been somewhat involved with it years ago I just fell out of the loop :vollkommenauf: I do have computer skills and a quick learner I am ready to put in as much time i need to get things started with IM. I have a few ideas where to...