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  1. Bizzoyce

    Bizzoyce's Quality Solos

    Hello and Welcome - Ryan Boyce AKA Bizzoyce Here Bringing you Quality Solos. Here is what you can Expect. Buyers List Included 70%+ Premium Top Tier Traffic Over Delivery Guaranteed Fast Delivery Guaranteed (24-72 Hours for larger orders) Adding 100-200 Fresh Subs daily Some Testimonials...
  2. Bizzoyce

    Average Joe's Trip to Solo Ad City

    So we have all looked at Smeltzer's Journal and how awesome he is doing. How he is already making sales and more importantly making money. This is all happening super fast, But can anyone do this or just experienced marketers. Well I'm here to test that and see if the Average Joe can follow...
  3. Bizzoyce

    Joining VIP - Are you on the fence?

    Hey Everyone First off I'll give a little background, I have been a member of this forum for about a year now, VIP for over 6 months. All I did was read and never participated much I bought VIP and I didn't even use it. Then I saw the Admins sending out PM's about whats coming for VIP's and...
  4. Bizzoyce

    Hello All

    Hey Everyone New here and eager to learn. I've read a few posts and stickies on here already and looks like i have a lot to learn.