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  1. Kush

    Tip for promoting PPD

    Fiverr can hook you up as well. I just got a big pack of 25 health/fitness ebooks for $5. I will be giving them out free with email sign ups on my upcoming health and fitness site.
  2. Kush

    Autopilot Money! No Investment Required! You cannot refuse this!

    I remember bitcoins.... I used to try and get them to buy things off the silkroad black market. I did a bit of research on bitcoin mining and apparently you need an online "wallet" to keep them in. Does your site provide a wallet or will I have to create on elsewhere?
  3. Kush

    Which is Best FREE Antivirus ?

    I would recommend AVG Free or Microsoft Security Essentials. If you buy a computer with windows 8 installed by default, it will have Windows Defender installed already. Windows Defender is just the latest updated version of MSE. Along with the antivirus, I would highly suggest downloading...
  4. Kush

    Tip for promoting PPD

    I am just starting to get into Pay Per Download, and I discovered a good way to drive traffic to your links. The answer is fiverr. Just look at all those odd things where people will post videos with their iguanas holding up your message, dance in a rice field, etc. All those things draw...
  5. Kush

    Pay Per Download (PPD) and copywrite concerns

    I am about to try and get into ppd using sharecash, and I would just like to know some basic info about copywrite. ShareCash terms of service states that uploading copywrite content will result in a ban. So say if I wanted to promote a movie, game, or music download, how easily would it get...
  6. Kush

    Make $150 / Day - Sharing Files - 8 Tips

    I like your idea with the ds games. You said to post that disclaimer that said to delete the file within a day or else it was illegal. Does this apply to movies as well? Say I uploaded a movie torrent to sharecash and I posted the sharecash link on my website.. would it be legal as long as I...
  7. Kush

    [TUT] Kickapooh's YouTube Method - $3000 to $4000 Monthly

    Sign up with a dating affiliate site such as MMD Cash or Dating Gold. Once a member you will be able to pick and choose which dating sites you want to use and quickly generate affiliate links. Some sites will pay for every lead you send them, some will pay for an email sign up, and some will pay...
  8. Kush

    Make Money By Helping Others To Make More...

    Just look at all of those youtube comments saying "please watch my videos and make my dreams come true etc." People are pretty desperate for youtube views.
  9. Kush

    Make Money By Helping Others To Make More...

    I feel stupid that I haven't thought of fivver reselling before. Thanks for the share!
  10. Kush

    My $100 to $200 a day methods (IT WORKS) consistently

    I just signed up. I'll see what I can do with this!
  11. Kush

    How To Make $840 A Month With Business Cards

    Great idea for some side money! A lot of the shops, restaurants, and cafes around my town are small mom and pops places with bulletin boards. I'm going to start collecting phone numbers.
  12. Kush

    You never heard of this method! up to 384$/month start-up money!

    Well I just got one $25 walmart giftcard for a total of $24. It was my first bid so I made the mistake of "buying it now" when I saw the price was down to $6. Only then did I realize I'd spent $18 of bids by that point in time. So at least I didn't lose any money, and in fact gained $1. In the...
  13. Kush

    You never heard of this method! up to 384$/month start-up money!

    I have just begun this method. I will update with my progress! If nothing else the Walmart cards will fill up my gas tank and allow me to save all the money from my two jobs.
  14. Kush

    Make Online Money With Blog

    Are your blogs based around a specific niche (weight loss, cars, travel etc) or are they more just an online rant/journal type blog?
  15. Kush

    Offline Marketing Idea - Highly Profitable If Applied Right

    I think this could be used to make some gas money. I live in kind of a poor area thats right beside the local high school. Broke teenagers+free iPod offers for a simple survey should = some conversions
  16. Kush

    Make $1000/Day with Runescape Botting

    You would have to invest in a VPS (Virtual Private Server). It's basically a large, very powerful computer located somewhere in the world that you can remotely access through your personal computer. Usually for these you will have to pay a monthly fee, and some do not allow game botting. I would...
  17. Kush

    Cheap Hosting? Where?

    Yeah Hostgator is great. For under $10/month you get unlimited domains and some other nice features. Also their customer service is very good. If you have any questions, simply give them a call and they'll help you with your problems.
  18. Kush

    Can anyone suggest me some free vpn service?

    I would definitely reccomend cyberghost. I used to do oblong RPG game botting with it. Its free and served my purposes well!
  19. Kush

    How I make $3000+/month on auto-pilot with Kindle

    This looks like a great method to try out. And if nothing else- it'll make me a better writer. My one concern is that I know there used to be a similar method that involved selling ebooks on amazon, where you would simply write a 20-70 page ebook and publish it on amazon selling it for about...
  20. Kush

    Make $500 weekly easy with city busses

    Here's what you do. Create your website with your chosen domain name, get hosting for it etc. Most hosts these days use cPanel as the main control hub of the website. You will receive your cPanel login once you purchase your domain/hosting. Look around the main page of your cPanel, and click...