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  1. Kush

    Tip for promoting PPD

    I am just starting to get into Pay Per Download, and I discovered a good way to drive traffic to your links. The answer is fiverr. Just look at all those odd things where people will post videos with their iguanas holding up your message, dance in a rice field, etc. All those things draw...
  2. Kush

    Pay Per Download (PPD) and copywrite concerns

    I am about to try and get into ppd using sharecash, and I would just like to know some basic info about copywrite. ShareCash terms of service states that uploading copywrite content will result in a ban. So say if I wanted to promote a movie, game, or music download, how easily would it get...
  3. Kush

    Content Locking Movie Site- First time IM campaign

    Alright this is my first official Internet Marketing venture. I have been researching and planning for a while now, and finally decided to ACT. I am 16 years old (17 in a week :cool:), got my first part time job at a yogurt shop last month, just opened up my first bank account yesterday...
  4. Kush

    Need help brainstorming for signs/ posters in boston and manhattan

    In about two weeks I will be taking a family vacation to Boston and Manhattan (nyc). I thought this would be a great time to implement Kickapooh's signpost method, as I will be walking all over the cities, staying in a couple different hotels. I will not be doing all the typical touristy things...
  5. Kush

    How to content lock an ebook on wordpress site

    For my site that I am planning, I want to write a short ebook and content lock it through email submission/subscription to an occasional newsletter. Are there any apps for this that I could install to my wordpress site?
  6. Kush

    Can you make money SEOing for local businesses?

    I know a fair amount about SEO, and am learning more and more as I am preparing to launch my first site, and I also know a decent amount about SEOing for local businesses through the use of google places, location keywords, etc. My question is, could I make some quick cash if I called up new...
  7. Kush

    Problem getting conversions from Twitter

    So I can get a lot of clicks and traffic to my CPA links through twitter, but no conversions. I can easily get a few hundred clicks with only a little work, but I can't convert anything. Most of my offers I promote are simple ones that usually only involve filling out some info for a free iPad...
  8. Kush

    I need some tips for SEOing/indexing a new Wordpress site

    I am going to be creating a new wordpress site in the acne niche. I really have no idea on how to SEO with Google's new algorithm which requires that your site have traffic and human activity before it even gets indexed. I have a plan for my site, and I know how to SEO with tags, titles, keyword...
  9. Kush

    Good CPA netowrk (s) to join?

    Alright, I have a great plan for my CPA campaign through twitter. But first off, I need to join a good CPA network. So a few questions: Should I join more than one CPA network? If so what is the benefit? What are some good CPA networks to join? I'd prefer not to have to do the phone call...
  10. Kush

    How do I change my IP?

    How do I change the IP on my computer so I can create multiple accounts on certain sites?
  11. Kush

    Yahoo Answers Marketing?

    I've heard some about yahoo answers marketing, and just recently saw a thread here where someone said they made $50-$100/day just from yahoo answers marketing. So I was wondering how exactly it works? Do you just post links in answers?
  12. Kush

    Need some help getting some traffic to my new blog...

    Hey, I've created a new blog about affiliate marketing and I need some help getting traffic to. Based on Yahoo's site explorer, I have about 200 inbound links as of now. My plan for the site is to write some helpful affiliate marketing articles on it, and sprinkle some ads for affiliate...