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    How AC does pay ?

    Hello friends , How the AC does pay ?I know that they pay some upfront 1.00$ to 6 $ commsion for the usa people and then pay per view . My main question is that does they pay like the adsense you need some minimum amount 50-100$ and at the end of the month they pay by paypal . Or does they...
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    Does anyone face this problem ?

    Hi friends , I am in the copeac and i think i have some tracking problem .I create one free laptop offer website and i see the clicks more than 80 (All comes from the targated traffic ). At the begining i see 10 clicks i got 2 leads but after in 70 clicks , none of the lead i got .I finally...
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    Its really great to be here

    hey guys I just joined 2 months back but not much participate in the forum but now i feel that i miss something and its really have to be great on this forum .hope i learn from you guys and make a good money .:thrasher: