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  1. nepstermartin

    Social Signals ???????

    Social signals is the simply put like button of your social media profiles in your article or blog. Google gives more importance to the article that has more likes and shares.
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    Backlink Checker Tool

    Check backlinks There are lots of popular Backlinks checker tool available in the market which provide great service with no cost but I personally suggest you to check backlinks manually from search engine. It will give perfect idea that how much backlinks are indexed. For example if you are...
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    Tricks of Social Media Sites

    If you are managing all your fake ids with single IP address, The user can track you but it’s quite difficult.
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    How to check the page ranking of multiple sites?

    You can get pagerank for multiple websites by using online tool. From my experience: Google Pagerank Checker - Check Page Rank of Multiple URLs for Free - this tool is provides proper pagerank of website. You can get up to 25 website pagerank in a one click.
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    How to increase traffic on my site?

    To increase traffic on your website then you can use various Off-Page Optimization techniques like Article Submission, Social Media Marketing, Web 2.0 Profile Creation, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking, etc... These are the most popular and useful Techniques to drive traffic...
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    How to get lots of anchor texts

    If you want to use many Anchor Text in your website then you must have to use all different Keywords for Anchor Text, because if you will use all same anchor text with same links then there are sure chances to be penalized by Search Engine. That is why I would suggest you always use different...
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    How can check our site Google Penalty ?

    You can check it manually, If your ranking goes down suddenly then there are chances to be penalized by Google. You can check in Google Search box by entering "site:domain" if listings are less then earlier, you can say your website has been penalized.
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    What is Google Slap ?

    If you got multiple time disapproval of ads from Google then there are chances to get Google Slap. Google Slap means you are forever suspended from advertising on Google and when the Google Policy Team makes this determination, it is rarely ever revoked.
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    How To Create High Quality Backlinks

    If you want to create High quality backlinks then you can use various Off-Page SEO Techniques. You can generate Backlinks from Article Submission, Web Directory Submission, Social Media Marketing, participating in Forum Discussions, Social Bookmarking, etc... but if you are looking for good...
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    can i make 2 google plus accounts or thats against tos ?????????

    Creating twice account it’s not against TOS at all. Just keep in mind that both accounts should have unique identity and for different purpose. For example if you are owner of two companies /organization and want to promote both with Google plus in that case you can create two account.
  11. nepstermartin

    difference between social media and social networking?

    As we can go with basic definition of Media we can say that Media is an instrument on communication. While Networking is a specific type of Group or community to connect with each other share news or various topics. In short we can say media as instrument for communication and Networking is...
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    SEO for Website

    First of all start with analyzing your website as per Google Algorithms. Then check your On-Page optimization is done properly or not, if not then set it as per Google algorithms, you can set Meta tags, H1 tag, Img alt tag, Unique Content, Keyword Density, Link Structure, XML sitemap, etc.. Then...
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    What is SEO

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. With the help of SEO you can increase your website ranking and increase chances to get good business. SEO has mainly two parts, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Whatever changes you do in live website is called On-Page SEO while after On-Page whatever...
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    Strategy Of Off-Page Optimization after Google Update

    @dennis: Thanks for sharing the list about Off-Page activities. But will you please specify all tasks you mentioned in the list are beneficial. Because I specified that which techniques are beneficial After Google Last Update. Thanks for your response but also I had a question so just asked you.
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    How to check backlinks?

    Thanks for your Response, but will you please let me know you are talking about which Website.? and also let me know if any other good website you have to check Backlinks.
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    Strategy Of Off-Page Optimization after Google Update

    I have heard that After Google's Last update Off-Page SEO become little tougher, Will anyone please share techniques and Strategies to get higher Ranking.
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    how to do on page optimization???

    There are many things which are covered in On-Page Optimization. On-Page Optimization is very important part of Search Engine Optimization. Below is the list which are listed under On-Page SEO. Meta Title Meta Description Keyword Density Unique Content H1 Tag Image ALT Tag Image Title Tag...
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    What is cloaking in SEO?

    As we all know that SEO has two techniques, White Hat and Black Hat techniques. White Hat Technique is beneficial for the website listing, while Black Hat is bad for listing. Cloaking is Black Hat Technique. When Google crawl your website it crawls Content which is not Originally there on the...
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    Why is Domain Name Important for SEO ?

    Domain Name is matter a lot in SEO. Because if you are targeted keyword is appeared in your domain then your website automatically optimized. Because if your keyword is included in your Domain then when Google will crawl your website your domain name having your keyword will be crawled so your...
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    Best way to increase fb likes?

    There are many ways I can say. Depends on how many friends you have, promote your fb page as much as possible. Share and post popular listings, Post Current topic's news or stories, etc...