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  1. ruko

    Why PHP is popular

    I like that every server in the world is running apache/php. Even my first smartphone (E81) could run apache/php (i set it to run it, but never really use it to anything worth)
  2. ruko

    FB APP to POST to all groups -- Im Making one, want tips or experiences

    So I was doin a table to save all the groups a user has, to avoid making innecesary api calls. And i found out that the groups have an email option. So I send an email from the email of an account. And it worked. Is this a better aproach?
  3. ruko

    FB APP to POST to all groups -- Im Making one, want tips or experiences

    I started using the ***dk and got 200 likes on a Facebook page in an hour with Multi Post to 150 groups. I was offering a Netflix Free Account. So I wanted to do it more, but facebook banned my app. The problem was that i posted to 150 groups in 10 seconds. And then repeated like 5 times in...
  4. ruko

    Facebook Groups Bot

  5. ruko

    Facebook Groups Bot

  6. ruko

    FFAP Alternative?

    Half of the features dont work, the schedule module is a joke.
  7. ruko

    Facebook Groups Bot

    I have FFAP but the group integration is lacking, is more focused to make friends and talking to them. I found a niche where I have lots of groups of 100,000 active users (at least check de group once a week) where i want to post several times a day on 300 groups. Is there an aplication for that?
  8. ruko

    ★★★ Aged & High DA PR1 / PR2 / PR3 / PR4 Domains At $10/$20/$30/$40 Respectively ★★★

    Do you offer niche domains? Like or the domains are all purpose domains like (random word, it can meant anything)
  9. ruko

    Who sells Facebook Accounts Verified?

    I didnt find the correct forum
  10. ruko

    Friend wall post/message limits?

    No one?No one?No one?No one?No one?
  11. ruko

    My plan - Offline and Online - for making money

    So, Hi there, ive seen your using MMD to make money and want to share my ideas with you. Im a programmer, PHP & Mysql are my passion, but recently have played with python for s60 nokia phones.. i have NO idea of marketing, and have no sales experience, i have made several apps, my best...
  12. ruko

    Kinda Basic PHP Question

    i think you need a simple index.php file in the directoy where you put your webpage. In this index.php you should put whatever you need to be first seen.
  13. ruko

    script: wordpress comment spammer

    i googled a little for the dependencys on mirrors, but cant find any.. this seems good, can you upload again? your site is down by the way-
  14. ruko

    My Twitter bird gives me $100 in an hour. Does yours?

    I dont think this works, since the Relevant twitts are the only ones that show when you look for a hashtag. Maybe get a 100 accounts, and retwitt the link? so you can bypass the relevant twitts
  15. ruko


    I came here, looking for proxys for TA, but seems like a great forum so i may stay for the community. What are the popular ways to make money? I was promoting companys on twitter using TA, but you seem to be more efficient