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  1. mastermind97

    Country specific games

    Hello MMD Staff and Members, I want to target country specific games for content locking. My problem is I am not aware of any methods on how to find games which are popular in particular countries. For example I want to target Spain , now I want to know what are the most popular video games or...
  2. mastermind97

    CPALead gateway on blogspot domain

    Hello members, I have recently been auto accepted by CPALead with a blogspot domain, I face a problem of placing the widget. Can anybody help me with this. I have tried these methods: 1) code in the header tag of the template 2) HTML/Javascript third party element 3) more function in each post...
  3. mastermind97

    My Introduction

    Hi everyone, I am mastermind97 . I am new to this IM concept. I feel and I am sure that by joining this forum I have made a very wise decision and I hope that very soon I would start earning money. Many Thanks to all of you, Regards, mastermind97