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  1. bobmundo123

    I want to design you a logo for free!

    I am in need of one.. but would you would have to agree that you have no ownership of logo. Of course you will be credited... but i will only be allowed to use the logo.. I'd love it if you could help.. =) it's for a big project.. =)
  2. bobmundo123

    Make $2000-3000 every month

    shooot mee a pmmm puureaaaseee
  3. bobmundo123

    Make $2000-3000 every month

    Interested as well. Shoot me an inbox
  4. bobmundo123

    Spits Out $48.50 "s" Easily! -Share Your Inspirational Quotes To Get It!

    If you're good at something never do it for free - Heath Ledger as the Joker
  5. bobmundo123

    CPM programs? Video programs? etc

    Looking for something that will place add and get money per impression... and maybe like you know those "download link Buttons" that people accidentally press and owner of site gets revenue.. yea.. something like that.. oh.. and also... what video players are there that generate revenue?
  6. bobmundo123


    ... anything else i can use.. like autoplay video ads? or something I can get paid for per view without action.. just the loading of the page..?
  7. bobmundo123


    fas tnfu riou s6.c0m
  8. bobmundo123


    Let's make it interesting... ANyone who i swilling to walk me through and teach me / mentor will hold 25% equity as far as profit is concerned that I make. I'm an honest guy and so i know a promise is not anything online really but if you help me, i will give you 25% of the revenue. PM ME!... i...
  9. bobmundo123

    Representing BLAM Ads

    blam ads.... i dont think they're still alive.. applied days ago.. never got a single response regarding application....
  10. bobmundo123

    Application... never responded

    So i applied... and waited.. and waited.. its been like2 days... and i've emailed... several times.. i believe i even shot an email to ryan? i think... I'm about to give up.. anyone else know of any other better cpa blocks or simply revenue programs?
  11. bobmundo123

    just applied like 20 mins ago?

    nevermind.... close thread... no need for this account.. thought it was similar to cpalead.. needed for website
  12. bobmundo123

    just applied like 20 mins ago?

    just aplied... awaiting password...? how long does this take? and any tips or tricks? etc?
  13. bobmundo123


    well.. let's say its a trailer site... for a specific movie... it will also contain few articles on rumors... etc.. .its a fan site.. but i truly have high hopes for this... i can't say how much traffic... but i'm hoping a significant amount.. also any other ways to monetize off youtube other...
  14. bobmundo123


    hey. I'm currently about to launch a site.. Which I'm expecting quite a bit of traffic.. through youtube... facebook.. etc... Is there a way to make revenue without a block.. or block just specific pages? I WANT TO MAKE REVENUE>.. via Pay per impression. ... Pay per click... and possibly...
  15. bobmundo123

    phpfusion... huh?

    so.. I've had some experience on phpbb... and its cool in a sense that you can click a certain categories section.. and see all subcategory sections... you can do that here... for example ifff i had this PS3 A Games B Movies B Hacks C Hardware Xbox A Games B Movies C Hacks D Hardware Is...
  16. bobmundo123

    Easy Money?

    swweeeet.. i applied hope they approve and such.. =)
  17. bobmundo123


    thanks for the input man... but so far without any marketing it's made a few sales... from random places around the country? really wierd.. considering i barely have inventory... but hey.. w.e works... anyone have any ideas on the actual marketing though? I really don't wanna change the theme...
  18. bobmundo123

    Easy Money?

    How can I find UFC Related offers? I've had the site for a while.. but it just got transfered to .net The UFC Archives but any ideas anybody?
  19. bobmundo123

    Easy Money?

    I own a website where i will be blogging about UFC Events and also be placing links to other sites for their download links.. I was planning on using linkbux to make some money out of it.. any other ideas.. im down for anything.. except for cpa blocks.. not to suree people dig that nowadays... lol..
  20. bobmundo123

    General Website creation question

    hmm.. this exists? Will do some research on it