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    any info on this dating network?

    I was try, maybe few days and not satisfied with them at all so I got back to some "proven" networks from my portfolio...
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    Which is Best Adult affiliate network

    I am following for years opinion from those guys about their pick of best few adult affiliate (dating & casual sex) programs, and never had problems. They update this small list on few months always adding new (better performing) networks.
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    Need Affiliates

    Give some more details: how much PPS, payment methods, which GEO traffic...?
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    Make money, trade adult links

    THis sounds interesting, do you just trade or sell? If you are selling, what are prices?
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    want to buy private sites

    well I mean on that but if not clear, I will try again: is ABSOLUTE number #1 for buy/sell websites, domans, complete online business etc. (bought and sold a loooot of sites in past years) but number #2 is like I said, "cruising" other webmaster forums (DP,VN7,etc) because if you...
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    Cheap Hosting? Where?

    there is a lot of cheap hosts out there, use G to find. What I am doing is: buy some cheap (rally cheap VPS) for $1/month, then install nginx web server and cpanel or something else. On that way you get cheapest posible hosting for multiple domains with highest posible performance (nginx not...
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    want to buy private sites

    flippa and other webmasters forums(where you can ,if you are lucky, get lower priced sites)
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    Your thoughts on links.

    That is truth every service,sooner or later will disable links, but, if you buy some 5-6 letters domain and few bucks shortening url script, for total investment ~$15 you will have own url shortener (with stats etc). juts my 2 cents :)
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    Need a suggestion for domain name

    try expired domains search ( Sometime for new sites, I found there 5 letter with pr domains, expired in last few weeks.
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    Wasn't here for longer time, here is something as gift: 500-1000 FREE backlinks

    Hi, I am member of this community for more than 2 years but never posted or participated in discussion, mostly time I was just reading for new ideas, experiences etc. Basically I have a lot of job and I am not type of guy to talk to much. Any case, now my business is in 'self-growing' phase :)...
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    How I make $800+ per day with mobile video sites

    this is definitely worth to try, didn't get idea until now that this market is 'raising' (mobile video). and also numbers that you showed us 'promising' there is a 'gold' out there :) thanks for interesting
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    [TUT] Kickapooh's YouTube Method - $3000 to $4000 Monthly

    this is good method, personally used (with some modifications) when i started as adult affiliate (long time ago, there was no fiver jet:) )
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    Government Free Backlink

    thanks for this, I will try it