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    where do cpa networks get there offers?

    I have been looking to start a small business of my own using cpa offers but I want to skip the middleman cpa networks. Where do the big timers get there offers to supply there publishers?
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    MMD Cash?

    I have heard that they accept BH traffic but cant seem to get intouch with them. Can anyone help me out?
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    what affil program is this?

    Ive been comming across latly and was wondering what affiliate program is promoting this site. Anyone know off hand?
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    anyone using ez autopeply?

    i know this is really noob but im having trouble getting the pop3 and smpt accounts working im using a yahoo account and for the server i used ( (port 110)) ssl true and requires authentication true everytime i run the test it fails
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    possible to figure out a method?

    Im part of an affiliate program that pays 15 dollars per credit card age verification. There is a guy there that gets 47000 hits per day and 35 sales or 525 dollars what im wondering, is there a way to figure out where hes advertizing with his affiliate link? Ive googled it but didnt get...