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    Offline CPA road signs

    I started up a thread over a year ago on offline cpa road signs, you can read about it here I had some success with the method, but I stopped after finding an automated method that worked up until...
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    Offline CPA road signs

    I'm starting my campaign tonight after my actual day job. I've made 8 cardboard signs so far, my goal is to have 20-25 made up with a bizzop work from home offer Many of my signs say work from home and or now hiring with a .net domain name I've purchased 2 days ago..... I will be posting the...
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    Possible Facebook EWhore Method

    Yo guys, long time no see. I got a Face book Method I'd like to see work shopped. Why? Cause I'm not 100% sure how well it works, or if it works period (keep reading). I got a lot going on atm, and in the midst of trying to find a new method for face book, I stumbled across someone doing what...
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    How can I find my site in google?

    I'm pretty sure my site is in google Is there an easy way to find my site or page on google without having to "go fishing" through 5 million pages?
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    BHCB Links?

    does anyone have a problem using BHCB and getting the links to show up?
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    BHCB and Wordpress

    I'm trying to simply put a wordpress site up where I can put on videos, and use the BHCB to lock the videos that are on the site Here's my problem, when I make a post and I put the video in the post, it shows up, and they can click it from the post.....How can I just put a link on the initial...
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    Jetbots Any Reviews?

    I'm wondering if anyone's used any of jetbots bots, they look pretty pricey, but I was told from a friend's friend the bots are crap, anyone else had any experience with this place
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    Membership site question

    I would like to start a membership site, and just use the paypal subscription handle monthly payments, what's the best way to let users log in to see content? Can this be accomplished on wordpress? Is it a plug-in? Is there a membership script I can use? Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
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    *method* Gaining opt-in business leads

    Ok well, here's a method I've had in mind for a long long time, and no I've never put it to the test, but for anyone wanting to, please be my guest, that's the reason I'm posting it. We're gonna be using traffic exchanges, I know, your probably thinking shit, the last thing I wanna do use is a...
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    Blanking the referrer on an email dating offer

    I have a dating offer I'd like to start promoting that pays $3 per lead. The only traffic they allow to this offer is e-mail. Is it safe to just blank the referrer on this one? I know email leaves a referrer too depending on what service is used to open the email, but do you think this would...
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    how do I sub ID this?

    sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I need some help figuring out how to do this. so I have a blog and it's faking my referrer, I want to sub-id or somehow track my leads on an offer I've niche marketed. Is there anyway to do this? or is the best possible solution to find another offer...
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    [Get] Facebook Tutorial: How to monetize facebook fan page

    This isn't my video, this comes from BHW, and although I don't use that site very much, every now and again some of the users will surprise me Grab a cup of coffee, this video is an hour long, and shows many ways to monetize a facebook fan page Password : fb0809
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    facebook email scraper

    #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use WWW::Mechanize; use HTTP::Cookies; use Image::Magick; use Shell qw[ocrad]; my $username = @ARGV[0]; my $password = @ARGV[1]; my $iurl;#temp var my $id; #temp var my $x; #temp var my $uids="uids"; #path of uid list file my $idlist="idlist"; #path of output file...
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    BackLink Ninja

    For those of you not aware of this site, this is a damn good one with lots of golden nuggets inside pertaining to gaining backlinks and traffic How to Become a Link Building Ninja
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    Hey I've been here for like a month, haven't said anything yet, wanted to say Hi. I'm a former member of BHW, not banned over there by any means, but I can already say I like his place a lot better. Very cool forum you guys got going here, and less people bashing, leaves more room for more money...