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    what do you think of it?

    How they can beat Google? First I would choose another name that is more unique and catchy. Then I'd use a more pretty website design and layout...
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    What is Google Slap ?

    Eh, the first thing I would have answered to this question would have been: "Google it?!" Sorry, I couldn't deny myself.
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    Which Social Media Is Good For Online Business?

    Concerning businesses like selling fashion or somethung like accesoires or furniture Pinterest is the best one I guess. Plus there's pretty much potential for the future in my opinion.
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    No, how can someone say FB is dead now? It the most social innovation with the most importance and the biggest influence. It is still growing and developing and will be one of the central ways of digital communication in the next 15 years at least I believe. And VK isn't a big rival, it has too...