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  1. piokka

    What steps have you taken to grow your business?

    What steps have you taken to grow your business?
  2. piokka

    How to compare folders?

    How to compare folders? I have two folders in which a lot of subfolders and a huge number of files. So, I need to compare their contents and add the missing files from the second folder to the first folder.
  3. piokka

    How to choose the best site?

    Hello. The fact is that my uncle asked me to find the best job site in Hyderabad for him. This is India. So I have not come across this before. Because I wanted to ask what you need to pay attention to and how to understand that this site is the best?
  4. piokka

    Internet shop promotion

    Hello. I recently opened my online coffee shop. By the way, I also made delivery of the finished coffee of several kinds. So ordered a full package promotion on the Internet. But I can not say that there are many customers. Of course the result of this was but it does not suit me. Now I had the...