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  1. irfanmau

    Do follow forum list

    many spammers here, mods please tidy it :eek: I have many forum list (attached), but not sure do follow or not :D
  2. irfanmau

    What is search engine submission in SEO?

    search engine submission is activities to indexing your site to search engine (google, bing, yahoo,etc), very important because if you not do it, your website will not be exist in the search engines
  3. irfanmau

    Who is the best search engine on internet ?

    strange question :D.. no doubt, absolutely google
  4. irfanmau

    What is a legit and high paying PPD network?

    I still looking for Pay per download (PPD) network with the highest paying and is legit, also with fast payout (daily or weekly) and pay on time, can someone tell me?
  5. irfanmau

    I will tell you how I make $3,000/month

    nice info, but surveys only for major countries like US or UK, not for all countries
  6. irfanmau

    How to make $50-100/day with paid surveys ? ... not a joke

    nice info, but surveys only for major countries like US or UK, not for all countries
  7. irfanmau

    How many Backlinks are sufficient to get good ranking ?

    many factors.. including keywords you choose and competition
  8. irfanmau

    What is difference between Yahoo SEO and Google SEO?

    submit to most search engines and optimize it well, they will gladly to put you on good position... just like that :)
  9. irfanmau

    Latest SEO Strategies

    I have no changes with my strategy, continues to create high quality backlinks and I still on page 1 :)
  10. irfanmau

    [METHOD] - my $500 a month method (for life) using free cams

    thanks buddy, kickapooh method always impressed me :)
  11. irfanmau

    My Second Journals [Major]

    what methods that you used?
  12. irfanmau

    $20 a day method. Very noob friendly.

    this is very old method.. not work for me
  13. irfanmau

    Tips to make money online, Helpme.

    try youtube methods, just search on this forum..
  14. irfanmau

    [GET FREE] Web Graphics Package with Over 6,000 Graphical Elements!

    Hello Buddy, I want to give you Web Graphics Package with Over 6,000 Graphical Elements Inside! I usually sell it for $17.. but coz I love this forum, I will give it for you 100% FREE! I just want you to share my website on your facebook and tell 2 of your friends via email. Just CLICK HERE or...
  15. irfanmau

    How to make $100 a day with a blog you love.

    yes, he is trying to make money with PPD.. please ban this user!