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  1. bobmundo123

    CPM programs? Video programs? etc

    Looking for something that will place add and get money per impression... and maybe like you know those "download link Buttons" that people accidentally press and owner of site gets revenue.. yea.. something like that.. oh.. and also... what video players are there that generate revenue?
  2. bobmundo123

    Application... never responded

    So i applied... and waited.. and waited.. its been like2 days... and i've emailed... several times.. i believe i even shot an email to ryan? i think... I'm about to give up.. anyone else know of any other better cpa blocks or simply revenue programs?
  3. bobmundo123

    just applied like 20 mins ago?

    just aplied... awaiting password...? how long does this take? and any tips or tricks? etc?
  4. bobmundo123


    hey. I'm currently about to launch a site.. Which I'm expecting quite a bit of traffic.. through youtube... facebook.. etc... Is there a way to make revenue without a block.. or block just specific pages? I WANT TO MAKE REVENUE>.. via Pay per impression. ... Pay per click... and possibly...
  5. bobmundo123

    phpfusion... huh?

    so.. I've had some experience on phpbb... and its cool in a sense that you can click a certain categories section.. and see all subcategory sections... you can do that here... for example ifff i had this PS3 A Games B Movies B Hacks C Hardware Xbox A Games B Movies C Hacks D Hardware Is...
  6. bobmundo123

    Easy Money?

    I own a website where i will be blogging about UFC Events and also be placing links to other sites for their download links.. I was planning on using linkbux to make some money out of it.. any other ideas.. im down for anything.. except for cpa blocks.. not to suree people dig that nowadays... lol..
  7. bobmundo123

    General Website creation question

    I want to have a site that is a blog / Forum and store combined... is there anyway to do this? without having to program or code anything.. kinda like a phpbb.. or blogger install.. etc.. i just want them all integrated..
  8. bobmundo123


    AT last I think SO... Made in EFN China I made this a week ago or so.. Just trying to Update inventory... Can't get the ocv or w.e file it is. I just don't get the zencart stuff I'm learning though.. I'm having trouble with marketing the sitee.. this and my other site..
  9. bobmundo123

    Risk involved

    What are the risks involved in doing a dropshipping site... ? The customer knows items are from overseas, but what about the possibility of tall the not genuines prosucts.. what risks do i take on from that. in USA Will be done via zen kart most likely
  10. bobmundo123

    Ebay account Suspended... Sweet..

    So how do i make another one... =) BTW... to everyone who wants to star Dropshipping items... especially from overseas... on Ebay.. DONT.. haha.. more pain than gain.. get a new domain or something.. its not worth the trouble..
  11. bobmundo123

    New TV Site.. need better revenue...

    Hey guys I started up I don't have many shows but some people are watching what little i have.. I've been marketing strictly via facebook because its not big enough to publicize to everyone. I am manually finding links to the shows.. making a linkbucks link and making revenue that...
  12. bobmundo123

    Facebook likes exchange

    i found a ste it was pretty cool it was like a facebook page Likes exchange. You would select your page and how many points you were willing to offer for a like.. and to earn points you would like other pages... anyone know this site? cuz i forgot to bookmark.. and i can't refind it.. :facepalm:
  13. bobmundo123

    Moving DRUpal Over?

    I'm having problems moving Drupal over from an extension .. of /Drupal .. to the root... i was told to edit the settings... but i don't think its working any help
  14. bobmundo123

    Big PRob.. Help!

    okay so i started dropshipping Beats By Dre studios using DHGATE.. and Me and this customer had been going back and forth.. this was his last message.... Dear Sir, I appreciate your frustration with this situation and understand that you may have out of pocket expenses due to your dealings...
  15. bobmundo123

    Organizing - viewing Tracking info...

    Is there an online site or program or something that i can use to input tracking information along with some details of the order in and it'll automatically update... Like for instance.. I put in MIKE HEADPHONES - TRACK # : UBIKUGB7y97 EMS - SHipping status.. ( COnstantly updates by itself)...
  16. bobmundo123

    Anyone want to affiliate with me?

    Hey guys. I've got a few sites set up and a few more that i Can set up but they've been online for a while and i haven;t been very productive in marketing them. If anyone wants to give it a go and start making sales with them let me know. I'd be willing to go 50.50 with sales.. Here are the...
  17. bobmundo123

    Just started Drop Shipping.. Paypal concern...

    I do not want people who are buying from me off ebay knowing my personal Information such as Adress and Name. How do i have it so it's just the name of the store, and if necessary a POBOX
  18. bobmundo123

    Hey any suppliers?

    Hey guys So i've been selling a certain collectoble item that when it sell it gives a decent return but i want to expand my horizon to an item that i can sell more fluently. As in Profit, and insured sales. Anyone have any wholesalers? / product ideas / good dropshippers?
  19. bobmundo123

    Not Producing.. =(

    I'm not sure what to do at this point. I have 3 sites, setup and running to make money, like automated. But I'm not getting anything. Zip, zero, nothing, nada... I'm so utterly stuck as to what to do to bring traffic and get sales.. i mean these are the sites... The Average Guys 'How to Pick...
  20. bobmundo123

    Went From Making A Grand A Day in High School to Zilch...

    This is my Story.. And Will contine to Be my story... In high school my parent didn't allow me to get a job, nor did they want to help me make money for a new computer.. or PSP.. so what am i to do? I set up a paypall account go to the mall and grab a 10 dollar simon giftcard and buy a piece of...