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  1. BHBodeezy

    Lets get this party started

    Everyone is in quarantine... lets get this party started on the forum and give people something todo and somewhere for people to talk to others! How has the virus impacted you ? What are you doing now to recover from lost wages? WE can all make money online!
  2. BHBodeezy

    Lets make money!

    We are here to make money right? Where is everyone at lets get the ball rolling and make some money! Joint Ventures? Who needs help with a campaign? Lets get lively! I know your making money, and im making money..... I have the skills and knowledge to help make you more money,a million more...
  3. BHBodeezy

    Who wants too make $50 bucks?

    Well the title says it all!! I wanted to start a friendly little contest. This should be an easy $50. Its real simple. All you need to do is get the most unique clicks to your special url than anyone else! But there are a few rules... You need to send unique traffic, you will not be...
  4. BHBodeezy


    If anyone is having problems or needs help, please feel free to contact me on these contacts. Aim: mmdcash1 Yahoo: [email protected] These are my IM contacts, if you want to send an email, please direct that to [email protected] Any and all questions are welcome, we were also...
  5. BHBodeezy

    WP ROBOT Modification Tutorial

    WP ROBOT MOD TUTORIAL Organizes the keyword list into sets of 30 Ever notice in WP ROBOT that all your keywords are placed on the top of the main page. Well it can be server intensive if you have a large keyword list, not to mention it timing out and you never even getting to the page. Well...
  6. BHBodeezy

    Contact info

    Recently formatted and lost my info for pidgin. My new aim - worldprogramming my new yahoo - worldprogramming Hit me up if anyone needs anything. Product related, mmdcash, custom stuff, whichever you may need, hell just to bull shit ;) Thanks.
  7. BHBodeezy

    Port Scan via php script.

    Here is a script that will allow you to port scan, ips, urls, etc. <html> <head> <title>Port Scan</title> </head> <body> <div align="center"> <?php $server = $_POST['server']; ?> <h2>Enter your url and click scan.</h2> <table style="border-width: 1px; border-style: solid;"...
  8. BHBodeezy

    Easy ping script, just what you needed

    Here is an easy way to create a script that will ping your sites, and x amount of times. If you dont have a way to ping your sites, or looking for a better way. Make your own! ;) Code you will need to use. <html> <head> <title>Ping It!</title> </head> <body> <div align="center">...
  9. BHBodeezy

    Timewave Zero - 2012

    "Timewave zero" is a numerological formula that purports to calculate the ebb and flow of "novelty", defined as increase in the universe's interconnectedness, or organised complexity, over time. Terence McKenna, developed the idea that the universe has a teleological attractor at the end of...
  10. BHBodeezy

    openSuse Linux - Custom Distro's

    If anyone is interested in Linux or uses linux or even if you have never used linux nor heard of it then you can check this out. You can build your own custom distro powered by suse, customized the way you want it to look, applications its installed with, whether you want a...
  11. BHBodeezy

    My Thanks goes out to you!

    I thought it would be good to post my success. Since I have been here at MMD. Now, I've been doing IM for over 5 years. I have been programming for prob about 10 years. Since I came to MMD, things started out ok for me. I was a member here and at bhw. But things got bad, when I was banned...
  12. BHBodeezy

    Advacned Google Trend Scraper

    I seen that there was already a post here with a Google Trends Scraper. I wanted to give a code example that does a bit more, Including inserting the sql file, and inserting the keywords scraped into it. Ensuring we don't enter duplicates and that we have setup the cron job for this to run auto...
  13. BHBodeezy

    The next Million Dollar $$$ Idea(s)

    So the title says it all “The Next Million Dollar $$$ Idea(s)†Looking over MMD, I’m overwhelmed to see how many intelligent people we have on board. Some of you could be set good with cash, some could be hurting for cash, and some could be just OK. My thoughts were, to have everyone...
  14. BHBodeezy

    The Merry Christmas Thread!

    Just wanted to tell everyone Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays Safe traveling if you are! Hope everyone has a good one! MMD PWns! :beer:
  15. BHBodeezy

    Need source code ?

    Great place to search for source code. That's for a lot of different languages. A lot of vb6/, but also just about any other language. Enjoy
  16. BHBodeezy

    World Programming :: Twitter Account Creator ** Threaded!

    Twitter Account Creator Features: Multi-Threaded Proxy Support Randoms Firstname and Lastname selection Fill out profile url Fill out profile bio Uploads a random pic of your setting Set random number range for username Decaptcher Support and much more! This application will take care...
  17. BHBodeezy

    BHW Banned me!

    Get this BHW bans me for being a member here... Never did i break any rules there , never did i share any info from there.. They say its because of my refs here lol! Well first they just made me a regular member, then when i said i would be contacting dave, harro bans me lol what a joke!
  18. BHBodeezy

    Rep button.... Dont you know where its at?

    Ok I've been seeing a lot of non reputation being spread. Some yes. But really not used as it should be. More thanks then rep. For those of you who dont know where its located Dont be afraid to use it ;) For those of you who know where its at.... shame on you! j/k Really though lets use...
  19. BHBodeezy

    World Programming :: Set It :: Multi-Threaded Yahoo Management Tool

    Set It Features: Multi-Threaded Proxy Support Set the Reply To emails Set the From Name Set the Vacation Response by dates Set the Signature and much more! Get this amazing application for only $20 per month! If your using gmails and having a hard time, the time is now to switch to...
  20. BHBodeezy

    World Programming :: YmailerXX

    YmailerXX Features: * Multi Threaded * Proxy Support * Tokens/Custom Fields * Decaptcher Support * Great Inbox Rates * Yahoo based * and much much more! All of that for only $99 per month, compared to others that's the cheapest and best quality you will find. If you are uncertain you can...