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    Stop the Internet Blacklist!

    Just the other day, President Obama urged other countries to stop censoring the Internet. But now the United States Congress is trying to censor the Internet here at home. A new bill being debated this week would have the Attorney General create an Internet blacklist of sites that US Internet...
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    Anyone here use the seo quake plugin, if so what do you try to shoot for as far as keyword density percentages? I have them at around 4-5% right now which is definitely out doing my competition ,but is this too much? I have read somewhere that you want anywhere from 4-6% keyword density. Let me...
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    Do Follow Blog Directory

    For a nice little list of do-follow blogs you can go here: hxxp:// Just make sure you post in a relevant category and you dont spam these to death as they probably wont be do-follow for long if they get hammered with spam. I also recommend using 2 firefox addons: #1: nodofollow...
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    25 Free DoFollow and Auto Approved .EDU Backlink List

    hxxp:// As usual Change the XX's to TT, I found these this morning wile looking for backlinks and they are relatively new, posted on july 14th, so enjoy.
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    Back-link building tips

    I have been recently doing a lot of research as to what the easiest ways are to get a site to rank fast and with free tools, here are the tips I have to share so far, as I am fairly new to I.M. please bare with me I have only been doing this for about 2 months and I have achieved first page of...
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    Ever wondered what the and IS DOING IN YOUR 'HOST

    This isn't mine but I found it searching the web for info wondering myself what the Acme servers were for. So, Take a look and let me know what u think, should I put on my tinfoil hat or what? Scroll down and look at what will be on your 'host file' if you have Vista. Or similar for XP...
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    My new favorite website

    hXXp:// ,The Obama’s Oil Spill Speech Simplified video is definately worth watching for a good laugh. They might actually be able to make some coin off this site if they knew how to monetize it.
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    Amazon help....

    I have a site that is finally ranked #2 on the first page of the big g and I'm trying to clear up some concerns Ive been having, I guess I just didnt expect to hit the first page so fast. I have a domain name that is a branded term , not an amazon name or anything like that but a particular...
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    C++ for absolute beginners

    I found this book recently for C++ programming which starts you from the basics of programming advancing to complicated game programming. It seems like a very good book to learn from so I figured I'd share it with all of you. I am not sure if it was uploaded here before as I am...
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    Favorite Beer?

    I guess since this is the chuggers lounge there should be a thread dedicated to this. My favorite beer=Busch It's made by budweiser and arguably the best beer they make as far as taste and limited hangover effects and always seems to taste great whether it be can, bottle or keg. What's...
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    Domain Name Question!-LOOK!-

    I am compiling a bunch of data for working with a goggle trends/adcents campaign. I want to start off buying 3 domains that I can post recent trends and hot product reviews/stories in. I am following the 5 dolla a day rinse/repeat method but also incorporating in some other things like the...
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    Best Css Template for Seo?

    "What is the best CSS template I can get for SEO?" I just learned how to use dreamweaver pretty descent over the last week and I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions. I'm following this old hat's bum marketing course and I want a really good landing page. The few other sights I have...
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    Hello my friends call me uno.

    My friends call me uno because I only have one testicle. I am here to earn money to get my #2 so I can be more of a man. Much help is appreciated. -Uno