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  1. nico

    INSANE TOOL-Forget Email Marketing Skype Autoresponder/Marketing Software does it ALL

    Hi Guys l maybe late but l would like to know if you have an affiliate program for skypewire
  2. nico

    Major Forum Updates

    Re The New Impending Changes To MoneyMakersDiscussion Well Doc , when l found moneymakersdiscussion l was hoping that it was a forum that genuinely wanted to help people make money and that it was not just a place to get shares of free downloads of other peoples products, why? simply because...
  3. nico

    Goal to make $30/day with

    Hi there, you can make as much money from blogger blogs as you wish by staying within their terms...forget the rubbish that you hear that blogger is no good, its free and google want you to have adsense on their blog platform. Here is a tip for you if you decide to add affiliate programs as...
  4. nico

    FREE guide! Unlimit money from FB

    what is the point of joining a blackhat forum then using a redirect to a cpa offer you lose any credibility you had.
  5. nico

    What kind of car do you drive?

    I drive a mark 1 ford escort rs , it has 2litre pinto engine bored out with two twin 40 webers, had the braking changed to cope with the speed, short ratio gearbox and it sprayed in its orginal colours of yellow with orange decals on the side. I had to fit a second petrol tank inside the boot as...
  6. nico


    hi guys, I hope that you can advise me on how to deal with this situation. My son has a facebook page and recently someone has put up another facebook page claiing to be be him but with very bad comments and pictures on it. This stalker also has my sons mobile number and is sending offensive...
  7. nico


    So they say they have killed bin laden and a whole nation rejoices.....that's not the end of it. all they have managed to do is kill one old man,you can't kill a cause or belief, now they will replace him and l bet someone will have to pay for this news, let's hope it does not esculate into more...
  8. nico

    [Video] Very Graphic- What's Happening In Syria

    The video reporting the events in Syria although bad is repeated in a lot of other countries around the world and not just in the middle east. In most cases it seems to be their own people doing this to them and for whatever reason it is wrong. When will man realise that violence can never win...
  9. nico

    A Stay-at-home Mom's Desperate Journey from $0/day - $100/day and Beyond

    Hi there, Back to the drawing board and start afresh and find a theme and niche that has the keywords to work with , l have sent you an email and its time to go again and see it work.
  10. nico

    A Stay-at-home Mom's Desperate Journey from $0/day - $100/day and Beyond

    Well done on your first amazon sale and its looking good as your website pages climb the rankings, you have most of the basics covered now. You have not mentioned if you have created any web 2 properties yet and if you are tracking your website with google analytics so that you can see where...
  11. nico

    Adsense and Autoblogging

    All you have to do is googles adsense policies pages and it explains clearly what you can do and not is a direct copy of what they say about feeds... AdSense for feeds program policies Share Twitter Gmail Blogger Buzz Orkut Google Reader Bookmarks » More...
  12. nico

    HI ---quick question about autoblog samurai and adsense relations on a blogspot

    You can normally run adsense without a problem even with abs, the biggest problem if you watch the abs videos first is that you have to activate the adsense on blogger first for it to appear lots of people forget to do that and as a result think adsense does not work with abs. If all else fails...
  13. nico

    Adsense on blogger

    Hi l saw two adsense blocks in the site one at the top in the fold and one at the bottom, also if you want everything to blend in and avoid anyone reporting your blog to google l would remove the blogger bar at the top and your site would look even better.
  14. nico


    I purchased scrapebox the day after it was released and l got it for a discount but this program is so good at what it can do for you l would have paid a fortune for it and have to say it is the indispensible in collection of software , it separates the big boys from the little ones. Yes it...
  15. nico

    A Stay-at-home Mom's Desperate Journey from $0/day - $100/day and Beyond

    A useful and free tool that l use for quick reference when looking to reverse engineer websites is the seobook toolbar, its so handy and free and gives you almost instant results.
  16. nico

    A Stay-at-home Mom's Desperate Journey from $0/day - $100/day and Beyond

    It's at times like this when your confidence is fragile and hoping things will work out that you need to put the horse blinkers over your eyes and stay focused upon your plan, it may be easier to beat the amazon website as it seems it is relying on its clout from the main index.....a quick way...
  17. nico

    A Stay-at-home Mom's Desperate Journey from $0/day - $100/day and Beyond

    I agree with the last comment that 12 websites is too much but would go even further to say l would pick one single project and stick with that until it is profitable, when it is , then its so easy to rinse and repeat the method once proven by outsourcing it from the profits you make. Free...
  18. nico

    A Stay-at-home Mom's Desperate Journey from $0/day - $100/day and Beyond

    Wow, all the conflicting advice, no wonder your driving yourself crazy with distraction and going around in circles, look the bottom line an you already know this is you need a plan, a plan that you can stick to and see it through , not until it works but beyond that and then expand the plan...
  19. nico

    what matters more? BLD or BLP?

    BLP short and to the point
  20. nico

    What a *REAL* woman does...

    When l met my wife l must have had the beer goggles on and l am still trying to find the cure for the hangover or is hung and slaughtered.