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  1. d.crozier7

    How to Create Verified eBay & PayPal Accounts Cheaply & Easily

    What VOIP service can I use to verify a stealth ebay seller account? Thanks
  2. d.crozier7

    How can I hide iframe code in webpage source code?

    That works perfectly, this is exactly what I needed to keep those prying eyes from finding my methods :p
  3. d.crozier7

    How can I hide iframe code in webpage source code?

    I am using iframes for many different things, hidden iframes mostly. But I need to know how or if it is possible to not only make an iframe not visible in the webpage as I know how to do that already. But how can I make the iframe code not visible in my webpage source code? Any help or...
  4. d.crozier7

    How to safely get iframe traffic?

    I have a network of adult sites with lots of traffic, I need to iframe a new non-adult site that already gets traffic on my adult sites so I can boost my alexa rank and google analytics so I will be able to join some better CPM networks that only accept high traffic websites. How can I do this...
  5. d.crozier7

    Working in a different country?

    I am wondering if anyone here is working online as an IM'er in a different country, but earning money from another country with a currency of higher value.... I was recently looking at currency exchange rates and living expenses in other countries. I live in the US and was thinking if it is...
  6. d.crozier7

    How do I click a javascript button?

    I am working on a home project to automate a task so I can improve my time management. I am using a web browser control and need to automate the process of clicking a javascript button. I have tried to click the button by it's value but it is not working and I cannot click the button by ID...
  7. d.crozier7

    [GET] Redirect On Steroids

    Sales Page: Virus Total: Download: - Redirect On
  8. d.crozier7

    Send text to a Tinymce form in Visual Basic 2010

    Try this name for the message body "compose_text"... Ex: WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("compose_text").SetAttribute("value", TextBox.Text) Let me know if this works....
  9. d.crozier7

    I will create a software for you

    I haven't completely finished any yet, I think I accepted many request but doing my best to do them all. I have been juggling multiple projects... The indexer has features such as a search engine submitter, RSS feed creator/submitter, statistical website submitter, joins bookmarking sites and...
  10. d.crozier7

    I will create a software for you

    I am posting this message just as a note that I am still very busy and working on fulfilling everyone's request for a software to be made... Just letting ya'll know that I ain't leaving everyone hangin... This thread is still closed to new requests
  11. d.crozier7

    If you could have anything on this site...

    There is no way I can pick just one thing. I would like the water scooter, transparent pool table, shot glass checker board, apocalypse survival kit, glow in the dark spray paint, medieval hand blades, shot glass roulette, etc, etc, etc. :)
  12. d.crozier7

    Visual Basic Source Code Help

    No reason to laugh bro, I would only be laughing at myself. I have had a few internet marketers wanting to team up with me to market my softwares after I started a thread in MMD offering to make free softwares for peoples requests. I did it for the experience and to give back to the MMD...
  13. d.crozier7

    Visual Basic Source Code Help

    I am working with "Visual Basic".... This is the code I needed to click on an image: Dim theElementCollection As HtmlElementCollection theElementCollection = Me.WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementsByTagName("image") For Each var1 As HtmlElement In theElementCollection If...
  14. d.crozier7

    I will create a software for you

    This thread is temporarily closed to new requests, I will post a message letting everyone know when I will be taking more requests. For everyone that has already requested a software to be built, I am currently doing my best to get them all done (Free of course). :) David
  15. d.crozier7

    I will create a software for you

    I think that may be possible, just add me in skype to further discuss the function of the program. Skype name: david.eugene.crozier
  16. d.crozier7

    I will create a software for you

    That may be a little difficult to make a universal one, but I will see if I can do it. Just add me in skype: david.eugene.crozier
  17. d.crozier7

    I need a free and effective proxy checker tool Help please

    mucaspie, I can build you a proxy scraper and tester....
  18. d.crozier7

    Website help needed

    You may want to get the html source of the index file... If you can't figure it out yet just add me in skype : david.eugene.crozier
  19. d.crozier7

    I will create a software for you

    Can you explain in more detail please or add me in skype would be better. Skype name is "david.eugene.crozier"
  20. d.crozier7

    I will create a software for you

    Ok just add me to skype so we can further discuss this. Skype name: david.eugene.crozier