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  1. asianpersuasian

    aP's 100k Month - My Life - Testimonial!

    Hey guys heres my testimonial. I started when I was 16 years old now one year later at 17 I have something good to show! I came here 4/29/10 since I couldn't get a job during the recession. I had a job but I was let go during training so some other guy could take it. (The employer was a...
  2. asianpersuasian

    Facebook Ads - Ask Anything!

    Ask (almost) anything about Facebook ads and I'll try to answer your question! I'm not going to do all the work for you but if you can show you've tried or have a good question post it here and I'll see if I can help you turn a profit! -aP
  3. asianpersuasian

    What Wordpress Theme is This?

    This one is probably easy but it has me stumped... :confused: This is the theme: I'm thinking its artisteer but I'm not a WP expert.
  4. asianpersuasian

    aP's Journal to PPV Success!

    Ok so I really like keeping journals about my progress on MMD for some reason.. this will be my third journal and hope this one turns out to be as successful as the other ones! I've been putting money into PPV for a little over a month and now its time to get serious! Method of marketing: PPV...
  5. asianpersuasian

    window.resize() <-- How to code this??

    Ok, so I have read on this for a while today... I have tried with my usual hack job to see if anything I do changes anything. I'm currently doing PPV and the window is so small its hurting my conversions on the click through. I'm making the next window after the user clicks off resize to a...
  6. asianpersuasian

    Wordpress pop up + pop up when leaving add-ons?

    I have looked, googled, searched, asked, and many different things to find these two plug-ins. All I need is a wp pop up and pop up when leaving. Pop-up will use Aweber code to collect emails and say some text. Pop-up when leaving is like every clickbank page which says:: ** Wait OMFG Last...
  7. asianpersuasian

    OMG! I can't Google!!

    When will this IP ban be lifted? Im currently using Scrapebox but I'm using proxies so I don't know whats wrong really..
  8. asianpersuasian

    Check out this 5 second video!

    Ok I found this on FB being shared around and it was pretty funny to me. If you know what the Twilight Saga is then this will be funny to you! 5-Second Films | ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Test Screening
  9. asianpersuasian

    Reason why I can't upload an image / have a signature?

    Your signature contains too many lines and must be shortened. You may only have up to 1 line(s). Long text may have been implicitly wrapped, causing it to be counted as multiple lines. My image is 200x57 and I have some words under it. I've seen people with some pretty robust sizes of...
  10. asianpersuasian

    My Goals for October 1, 2010

    Many of you guys have already seen my other journal.. Well this is going to be a second part to that journey which will be more organized and have actual goals & achievements in it. Whats so important about October 1, 2010? Well thats when I turn 17 and I want to accomplish the following...
  11. asianpersuasian

    Trading Facebook Status Updates (Group Opportunity)

    Since buying update is expensive and doesn't work very well anymore i'm going to be trying to get together a free alternative! I don't see another thread doing this and this is a great way to increase your fans on your pages! Whats needed:: 2-10 dedicated IM'ers Page size of 2k-50k (or...
  12. asianpersuasian

    Mods please help me

    Ive sent in my money to Donate for VIP but I haven't been upgraded yet. I think maybe I did something wrong because everything is telling me different things... Paypal: Pending Until Jul 2, 2010 Paypal Email: You have successfully signed up for a subscription to VIP Subscription using...
  13. asianpersuasian

    [REQ] Brand New Script..

    Ok so I just found this script for the first time. I tested out what the page can do and it is phenomenal! A user just copy's/pastes the javascript code into the url box and the page automatically shares the page with 20+ friends. I've never seen a page with something like this on it and I...
  14. asianpersuasian

    [REQ] Facebook Iframe/Fbml Script the works

    Ok ive been searching these forums and many others for this but can't seem to find it. I have seen many scripts and tried them but they are all outdated. I currently see fan pages that have this in them but its pretty elusive. dfdf script1(iframe) | Facebook This is a page running it right...
  15. asianpersuasian

    Website Malfunction

    Ok can anyone possibly help me with my website? It is reading... Warning: mysql_fetch_object(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/brenton/public_html/includes.php on line 2 at the top and don't know what im doing really.
  16. asianpersuasian

    The 16year Old IM'er - Month 1

    Hey everyone! I really love ready about all the journals about how people have progressed over the months! I decided that I'm going to start my own personal journal. Only been IM'ing for a couple of weeks so this will basically be my starting point. For my CPA company I am going to be...
  17. asianpersuasian

    What template is this in WIX?

    Hey I came across this site today! { Watch New Movies Online for Free Page 1 } I want to create something just like this except better! (If possible.. they did a very good job) I like the flash aspect of Wix so its going to be done using it. The question is which template did the person...
  18. asianpersuasian

    Im still new but I need some help fast!

    I have this person trying to complete 5+ offers on cpa lead mobile offers but none of them are working! Ive tried every single one and yet they still won't work. She is using her phone and I have even verified the number. FFS im mad this is 50$+ from one person im missing out on. Please...
  19. asianpersuasian

    CPA Leads

    Ok I would first like to state this... im a newb to IM'ing so don't bash me for not knowing very much. I have read a ton of ebooks/posts I have found on this forum though. I see website/posts with things where people would be promised a product if they inter their name, email, and other easy...
  20. asianpersuasian

    Hello Everyone

    Hey im new to this forum and have been looking around and it is highly informative!