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  1. rf-harris

    Types of sitemaps

    HTML sitemap for the users XLS sitemap for the search engines
  2. rf-harris

    What do you do in your free time?

    I am a big sports fan so in my free time I usually do something related to sports. I play or watch sports, place bets or participate in sports related competitions. One competition in which I am taking great interest is The Residency competition where I have to score points in order to win match...
  3. rf-harris

    what are the first symptoms of bone cancer?

    To get better answers from the experts I recommend you to post your thread on some health forums.
  4. rf-harris

    What's the best Zendesk alternative for support team?

    A good alternate for zendesk is freshdesk.
  5. rf-harris

    Internet shop promotion

    Running a few ad compaigns on Facebook and Instagram would be very helpful. Do give the ads a try and I am pretty sure it will help you.
  6. rf-harris

    Image sharing

    A couple of very good options for you would be Pinterest and Flickr.
  7. rf-harris

    Easy way to make money

    The easiest way for me to make money is running a YouTube channel.
  8. rf-harris

    Improving Organic traffic

    The best way is surely to increase search engine rankings for your desired keywords. Secondly, you can use social media to make a fast improvement in your website's traffic.
  9. rf-harris

    ⭐A List of Side Hustles 20 You Can Start Now To Make Quick Money Online⭐

    I think you can also add running a YouTube channel in your list as well.
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    How Secure is Your PC? Read and find out

    When you are online, you can't be totally safe from the hackers/viruses. Withe more and more people using computers, the amount of spyware/malware are also increasing as the number of cyber criminals is increasing all the time. In the past people tend of believe that Mac can't get a virus but...
  11. rf-harris

    what is the best game you had ever played ?!

    I would vote for Max Payne. This was actually the game which actually get me into playing video games especially FPS games. In recent times, I am mainly playing battle royale games, mostly Fortnite and Call of Duty. Over the last 10 days or so, I have been playing Call of Duty: Warzone which was...
  12. rf-harris

    Weight loss

    I don't recommend them. I prefer to do some daily workout and have proper diet. I like to stay away from medicines and supplements.
  13. rf-harris

    Selling Facebook Fan Page post Like.. LEGIT

    The problem with these paid likes is that most of these likes are usually from automated accounts. Would you like to share these accounts with us?
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    How many types of Links?

    your question is not clear, can you please explain what kind of information you are exactly looking for about links? so you can get better answers.
  15. rf-harris

    Do social media marketing services really work?

    Yes, they do if you are hiring someone who knows how to do it correctly. Social media is a wonderful thing which really helps in promoting anything online.
  16. rf-harris

    I will provide 15 karma upvotes and two comments for your Reddit post

    How much traffic will we get if we buy your services?
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    What is Blog commenting

    Blog commenting is posting comments on blog posts. There are millions of blog posts updated on millions of blogs everyday and you post your comments under a blog post about that particular post usually with a link back to you own website/blog if you are doing blog commenting to increase your...
  18. rf-harris

    How can i earn money by graphics designing??

    There is a a massive market for graphic designers, you can start by joining some freelance websites like elance or start your graphic designing business by having your own website where you can offer your services to clients in all over the world.
  19. rf-harris

    Which OS do u use??

    I am using Windows 8 at the moment.