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    Authentic Brand Name Supplier/Dropshipper, Shoes, Clothes, Accessories-Latest Styles

    We do have a refund policy as stated: Do you have a refund policy? Yes we do and here is our refund policy: Your purchase is shipped brand new. Items that you return to us must be in the same new condition as they were received and within 7 days of your arrival shipping. All returned items must...
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    Authentic Brand Name Supplier/Dropshipper, Shoes, Clothes, Accessories-Latest Styles

    All of my products are 100% authentic they all come from in original tags, warranty and pakaging.
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    Authentic Brand Name Supplier/Dropshipper, Shoes, Clothes, Accessories-Latest Styles

    I have the latest Brand Name Products, from Amarni, D&G, Diesel, Ed Hardy, Loius Vuitton, G-Star, Prada, Jordans, and many more, All new, Authentic and Packaged. *I have the latest products released in early 2013 and late 2012 *Dropshipping is available *If you want a Product-Price List...
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    Which BlackBerry modal you are using ?

    I use the blackberry bold.
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    My 61k Fb Page

    You can try some CPA or clickbank offers, be sure to split test.
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    Manage your time!!!

    Time is more vaulable then money, without time money is useless, therefore not wasting time and using it effectively is the key to success.
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    Stay Away From Ewa

    There are hundreds and hundreds of negative reviews for EWA, I would stay as far away as possible.
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    Google is goging to launch new update "Google Zebra"

    Its funny how google picks the most harmless animals for updates and then BAM your sites are deranked and deindexed lol
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    Warm Hello to everyone......

    Welcome to the forum, there is a lot of great information here and wonderful people!
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    Anchor Text

    Yes it is definitely important, try to diversify your keywords and change it up or you will get a penalty from google.
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    10 SEO Tips

    Some basic points but definitely could be useful.
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    !! Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid !!

    Really great tips, for new IMers definitely going to help people.
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    First timer in SEO

    I suggest you look around the forum, there is alot of great information.
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    How much amount do you spend for PPC ?

    You can spend as little or as much as you want that is the good part, it all depends on your strategy.
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    Help!!How to make money by SEO?

    It is all about conversions, you can always try to sign up for a affiliate program.
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    Required effective seo suggestion.

    High PR backlinks for authority sites will definitely help you, if you can't do seo just outsource it to an assistant or VA.
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    4 SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

    Nice basic information for all the people that are new to seo.
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    Classified Site lits

    Thanks for a great share, definitely worth it.
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    Dominating A Highly Competitive Niche

    Yes its possible, you have to work really really hard to get authority backlinks to your sites.
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    Search Engine Optimization An Hour A Day

    Thanks, great share, definitely will read it sometime.