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  1. Monopoly

    [Back to $100/day] Monopoly Scales Up

    One of the funnels from last week picked up a $100 sale today. Good start. The traffic is still lacking with that one to really hope to break much about 100/month with it but it has potential and if I can get the traffic up (fairly competitive niche) I'd like to work in list building and email...
  2. Monopoly

    [Back to $100/day] Monopoly Scales Up

    One funnel picked up $75 in sales while the other $28 a few minutes later. So that'll be funding today's site. The funnel I made the other day is still sitting at a very solid 50% CTR. Traffic isn't high enough for it yet but if it converts I'll put a bit of work into that. The other site...
  3. Monopoly

    [Back to $100/day] Monopoly Scales Up

    Just noticed I'm not even VIP myself these days. I'll put something together eventually. Mind off the hook for a while there but with the sites still making money it was hard to not come back. You and me both. ;) I've been pretty bad in the past with letting myself get distracted talking to...
  4. Monopoly

    [Back to $100/day] Monopoly Scales Up

    And my PM inbox seems knackered at the moment so I can't reply. Keeping this one close to the chest for a while though. Once I test it a bit more and have the capital to diversify into other things again you'll see my guide pop up but for now it's going to be a few months work so I'll be...
  5. Monopoly

    [Back to $100/day] Monopoly Scales Up

    Majority of the traffic is from SEO. Cheers will do. Cheers man. Update time. Looks like my hand injury was worse than I thought so I'm going from climbing 4-5 times a week to none at all. Potentially for months. Pretty frustrating but at least I'm putting that frustration to good use so...
  6. Monopoly

    [Back to $100/day] Monopoly Scales Up

    Anyone who knows me or has read my old journals knows I was working on a new method a few months back. It was a complete retake on what I used to do but involved a *lot* less SEO work and more actual marketing. It also meant less work, more profits and the work that was there I actually...
  7. Monopoly

    Mass Youtube (movies,games) + CPA content lock+ No real content = Still $$$ ??

    ****mers are editing out their own **** now? Either you actually got your own affiliate ID wrong or you're trying to promote through the email update feature and actually believe that kind of post doesn't look like ****. /Edit: The fact the word **** is blocked now makes it harder to call...
  8. Monopoly

    Major Forum Updates

    I skim read. I usually do. But, from what I saw, these are good changes. Especially the downloads one. Having hundreds of eBooks on your desktop does you 0 good. And most (certainly not all) black hat methods are either short lived or just plain bad ideas. Downloading a bunch of free crap...
  9. Monopoly

    Penguin on the Monopoly Board

    Haven't really kept this updated but there's not too much to tell at the moment. Taking a bit of a break this month as most of my money is going towards Christmas and my next step is to buy more domains and services. As of yesterday the results are looking good. Real good. Hops and leads coming...
  10. Monopoly

    My Story from $0/day to $120/day - Thanks MMD

    Your next real step should be looking into what kind of links you're getting from that service. It's easy enough to rank a site by ****ming it with links but sooner rather than later the slap comes and your ranking plummet. Before scaling up I'd suggest securing what you have. Look at your link...
  11. Monopoly

    Mass Youtube (movies,games) + CPA content lock+ No real content = Still $$$ ??

    Most networks will ban you for it. Most will ban you for copyright content and the others because you don't actually have the content behind your locker. Oh and don't think that linking to another site saves you from legal issues. If you're going to do it you might as well go off shore...
  12. Monopoly

    Anybody got an old/spare warriorforum account?

    Warrior Forum isn't paid you can still create a free account and contact whoever it is. That's assuming there actually is someone and you're not just looking for old accounts to bump your threads and review your WSO. In that case you could just do what half the forum seems to do and do it...
  13. Monopoly

    Penguin on the Monopoly Board

    Right. Created and rolled out three new sales funnels. Have a fourth ready (just waiting for the network to accept me) and a fifth which I'm designing at the moment. I've had a little dribble of traffic already which made me laugh because I'd barely started and the first funnel has already...
  14. Monopoly

    Hidden things of SEO?

    Rule of thumb: If it looks ****my you're going to get slapped for it sooner or later.
  15. Monopoly

    Have you tried taking surveys?

    Not really worth your time doing. Yes, you'll make a few bucks but it's a capped income (you can only make as much as the surveys allow) and you'll be making a pretty bad ROI on your time.
  16. Monopoly

    Apple (Ipad) or Kindle Fire?

    Fan of the iPad here myself. I was actually considering upgrading recently but the old iPad 1 still does everything I could want it to.
  17. Monopoly

    What is Black hat SEO and white hat SEO?

    Expect to see a wide range of answers on this. It's actually pretty impressive what people consider 'white hat'. Search engines don't really want us manipulating the results at all but SEO has been around for that long they're kind of accepting that it'll happen. As a general rule of thumb...
  18. Monopoly

    I am hungry and bored....

    Haggis is Scottish
  19. Monopoly

    Penguin on the Monopoly Board

    Well looking at two niches for that now. Quickly realizing how small retail profits can be if you're not buying in massive bulk. Still, with the right marketing and and the twist I'm planning I'm going to be able to add enough of a mark-up to make it worthwhile. I'm also looking at drop shipping...
  20. Monopoly

    Easy $200 with a few hours work. No website needed.

    Good stuff. Get multiple listings going and split test your sales pages to see what works best. And when new game expansions come out (some of the major ones on PA have recently updated) it's a good time to get in there. If you actually develop a method for the game and make a half decent...