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    Can't post new BST after having paid

    You should be good to go.
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    Can't post new BST after having paid

    Try posting your thread now.
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    Can't post new BST after having paid

    I'm looking into it right now, sorry for the trouble.
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    New Forum Software

    With the new forum software, we expect there will be a few issues here and there. Several problems with user permissions have already been discovered and fixed, but I'm sure there will be more. If you experience any problems please post them in this thread, or if for some reason it won't let...
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    MMD Forum running slow?

    There are still some lingering issues. Anybody who gets a CloudFlare message saying the site is offline should clear their browser cache. I've temporarily disabled CloudFlare until I can make the necessary changes to prevent those errors.
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    MMD Forum running slow?

    Glad to hear it's back to normal for you, Thanks for the update. Other peoples' input would be much appreciated.
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    MMD Forum running slow?

    How are things running for you guys now?
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    Round 2 Welcome back!! Pardon the dust

    That should now be fixed.
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    REQ HELP . html/php index file that will dispaly 2 alternate landing pages

    Do you have some method in mind by which you'd like to display the alternate pages to the user?
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    SQL Help

    Though I wouldn't describe myself as an expert by any means, if anybody has any SQL questions, ask them in this forum. I'll help to the best of my abilities (within hours to a day), and I'm sure others will be willing to help as they can.
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    PHP Experts

    I'd be willing to help. Add [email protected] on MSN.
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    C++ for absolute beginners

    I haven't looked at the book in the link above, but in addition to learning C++ syntax, I'd suggest reading a book on OOP design patterns. This is a classic: Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software (0785342633610): Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson...
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    Where To learn JAVA Programming For Free?

    Well, generally, Google is a good idea. Do you have any background in programming and programming in OOP specifically?
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    GCC basics

    GCC is a C compiler. Basically, it takes the code I posted above and turns it into a program that you can run. MinGW contains a port (the code has been modified to allow it to run on another platform; in this case, that is Windows) of the GNU C Compiler (GCC). My example above shows you how to...
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    GCC basics

    For those of you using Windows: After installing MinGW, you'll need to set your PATH environment variable to include the path to the MinGW installation directory/bin. This will allow you to invoke gcc from the command line without having to be within the MinGW/bin directory. -- You'll find...
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    Useful tools for developing applications in PHP

    PHP is a great language for rapid development of web applications. The documentation located at is an excellent resource for mastering the facilities PHP makes available to you. One application I've used in the past on a massive PHP project was Eclipse. Eclipse is an IDE that can be...
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    Tools for developing in C/C++

    I've found the following free tools to be quite useful for developing in C (and occasionally C++): MinGW MinGW consists of GCC, G++, make, and other tools useful in creating applications in C and C++. In addition, MinGW contains a Java compiler...
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    Thanks for the welcome. I'll be glad to take any questions any of you have, and I'll try to post a few useful things among the various sections tonight. In the mean time, ask away.
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    If you have any questions, be sure to post a thread. I'm well versed in more languages than those displayed, so I ought to be able to help you out. Anybody else capable of answering a question posted under this category is encouraged to answer to the best of their abilities.