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  1. Manny

    Manny Hernandez Click Cash Magnet Solo Ads

    The Key of Our Success is that Our List Grows Daily with Hundreds of Fresh Subscribers Collected from several sources of Premium Traffic Here’s a breakdown of what you get… Your Ad Goes to My Subscriber Lists 5k+ Buyers list Included 2k+ are WSO Buyers 80%+ Premium Top Tier 1 Traffic Over...
  2. Manny

    INSANE TOOL-Forget Email Marketing Skype Autoresponder/Marketing Software does it ALL

    Man I really hope that nobody buys this thing from you. Sorry to sound so selfish but this tool is way too awesome and I do not want the skype market to get saturated specially when you are selling such power for such low price. I got really good plans for this so I do not need anybody trying...
  3. Manny

    [BRAND NEW] Increase your Sales by 200% with this Revolutionary New Software!

    Thanks a Lot Smeltzer.. We have a working sales demo showing you how the process works for user/customer here
  4. Manny

    [BRAND NEW] Increase your Sales by 200% with this Revolutionary New Software!

    Affiliates | Earnings Disclaimer | Terms of Use | Support
  5. Manny

    Traffik Buster Re-License (Anyone know how to?)

    I just replied to your support ticked. Sorry for not replying sooner but we still replied in less than 2 hours so that is a pretty good response back time if you ask me Manny
  6. Manny

    Nothing is working

    Well doing some affiliate marketing can get you instant money. Promoting products that pay instant PayPal commisions. Most of those type of products are listed on JVzoo, Digiresults, Warrior+ ect ect. All you gotta do is working on afew promotions and make a few sales and you will be on the...
  7. Manny

    ⎝⓿⏝⓿⎠Open Letter on Forum Change!

    Well said Swiff. MMD Rocked Yesterday, Today and Will be Mind-blowing Tomorrow. MMD For Life!
  8. Manny

    *** Internet 2012 in Numbers***

    WOw those are some great stats and yes Email marketing is a great way to make money but I think there is one other way where there is even more money to make and yet not many marketers are using it. Here are some stats • Portio Research (Febuary 2012): 7.8 trillion SMS trillion messages were...
  9. Manny

    Why is MMD becoming stuffed with garbage?

    I think that we all can help. If you come across garbage like the please report the user so the Staff can get a better look at his posts.
  10. Manny

    Free Proffesional LOGO Designing For MMD Members from Sharuns Graphics.

    Wow nice of you making this for our members. Really Appreciated.
  11. Manny

    Hi there ;)

    Welcome to MMD. Check mY Signature there you will find all that you need to get you started
  12. Manny

    Hello.... MMD Friends & Family

    Welcome to MMD saiful. Please check my signature you will find all that you need please follow in order.
  13. Manny

    what is the best keyword research tool?

    I personally like Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer they also have another tool called Stealth Keyword Digger <<I have not used that one yet but seems pretty cool.
  14. Manny

    Stay Away From Ewa

    @micgrez I understand that you might be mad at them and I think you do have the right to be but please lets be professional and keep the curse words out of MMD. Thanks. I edited your Post and removed it. Manny
  15. Manny

    The Patient Dog Eat the fattest Bone

    Welcome to MMD! Good first post. It doesn't say much about you but good post.
  16. Manny

    buying backlinks good or bad??

    Stay away from fiverr, or services that offer forum or blog comments links those will hurt your site. Use only proven high quality services that offers diversity.
  17. Manny

    Spits Out $48.50 "s" Easily! -Share Your Inspirational Quotes To Get It!

    "Internet Marketing is not a Job Internet Marketing is a carrier. In a Job you wait to start at 9:00am and spend all your day waiting for the clock to hit 5:00pm so you can stop what you are doing go home watch TV. In a carrier a 24 hours day does not provide you with enough time to do all the...
  18. Manny

    New Web Site design

    Joe this is not a get leached stuff forum. We are a real learn how to make money online forum. For blackhat downloads there are many forums already that adds no value to the industry and are full of lechers. We are better than that. We strive to help you get up and running with a real whitehat...
  19. Manny

    Adding friends in facebook

    Facebook gets harder everyday but is still possible to automate many things on it. The key is to keep numbers low but be constant. You can have a tool like FB blaster or something but do not go nuts with it. Just place it on a VPS and make it add like 10-20 friends per fay at randome...
  20. Manny

    i need twitter followers

    The best ways to get followers back is to automate your following. Look for a tool that scrapes users based on your keyword and that after that it goes out and follows them at random intervals to imitate human behavior to not put your account at risk. You can also use services like youlikehits...