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  1. sf

    Dynamic vs Static IP

    Dynamic is best if you are going to be doing BH. But Dynamic is only available via DSL, Cable, or aircard so you will need to buy an RDSL service (if you are looking for a remote connection). There is also proxies, shared/dedicated ones, proxies via b0tnets... The choices are numerous :)
  2. sf

    what is the best vpn between range of 10 to 15 dollars per month?

    Seriously andro... If you don't know, then why bother posting something like this. @Corker, my favourite is HMA VPN (Hide my ass).
  3. sf

    So, MMD, how are we going to profit from 2012?

    I'm going to start my own ark/boat shop and sell giant arks for the end of the world ;)
  4. sf

    How to make $1200+ Every Single Day (VERY SIMPLE METHOD) NO BS!

    I've mentioned this to you before... But why should people "Thanks" or "Rep+" you for copy pasting a method from another forum??? Haha, seriously man, we've told you this before... For your aim of getting VIP for free to come true, you actually have to share something that's original, of value...
  5. sf

    Low deposit ppv network

    There aren't any decent/big ones with that low of a barrier. TrafficVance = $1K DirectCPV = $100 Media Traffic = $200 Lead Impact = $200 AdOn Network = $50 (not sure if it's $50 still, but that's what it was a while ago).
  6. sf

    $200 a day with Filesonic :D

    And your point being? If you want to create a thread in the "Simple Money Making Methods" section, then that dictates that you provide a method, not just a screenshot. If you want to flaunt your stuff, post in the testimonials section.
  7. sf

    Mobile web developing price help

    It all depends on who you're targeting. If you're aiming for doctors/lawyers/companies then the above pricing may be reasonable, but for a small business those prices are too steep. A good model is to charge a setup fee of lets say $250, and then $30 - $50 a month for maintenance... You need to...
  8. sf

    were can i store my stuff?

    ^ Gmail doesn't allow .exe files though. As 'openshelf' mentioned, cloud storage is a good idea, but the usual model of cloud storage is it keeps backups of what's on your computer (if you delete a file, then it's deleted on the cloud). If I were you, I would look into buying a cheap VPS. ($10...
  9. sf

    How to mass add contacts on GMail?

    ^ As the above guy mentioned. Use .csv format and then upload. I think gmail is 10,000 contacts at once. Here's a link to show you the csv format for importing: Creating or editing CSV files - Gmail Help
  10. sf

    Could I sell an eBook without having a reputation to back me up?

    You don't need a reputation, but without it you won't sell a lot of copies.
  11. sf

    I Will Return The favor Anyway Possible

    Just a quick note d.crozier... VB refers to Visual basic. Vbulletin is a forum software ;) Thumbs up mate. Always good to see people helping others :)
  12. sf

    I Will Return The favor Anyway Possible

    Oh, I thought you were trying to extract from your webmail accounts ;) I'm not too sure how you would do this with Imacros as usually you would use a regular expression to find any emails on the page. I'm inclined to say that it's not possible with Imacros, at least not on a full automation scale.
  13. sf

    I Will Return The favor Anyway Possible

    What site are you trying to extract from? Also, it's usually easier to just use IMAP or POP and then export locally.
  14. sf

    is 256 mb ram good in VPS?

    Depends what you're going to be using it for. If you're going with a normal LAMP setup then that will be cutting it pretty close, where as if you're running ngnix then that should be fine (don't quote me on nginx though, as I don't use it). Also if you want a control panel then that won't cut...
  15. sf

    1.5 Mil. Facebook email list

    This email list has been public for quite some time now, so it won't be as easy to monetize from it anymore. But the options still are: - email offers to them - mass add them as friends on FB - etc...
  16. sf

    Cpa netwrok at Affiliate Summit 2011

    Affiliate Summit East 2011 - Exhibitor Guide
  17. sf

    CPA AD Question

    You can check the headers to see where the redirects take you: For Firefox -> For Chrome -> Right click, Inspect element, Network, Click the grey circle at the bottom (will turn red)... Now click the link, You will now see the...
  18. sf

    Blatant promotion of MMD VIP section? I don't get it.

    Quite frankly yes they are promoting the VIP section. But before you go on about them being paid/forced to write those testimonials, please note that no one approached them telling them that they had to write a review. They did it on their own free will. While I do agree that it may seem like...
  19. sf

    Has anybody thought about CPAlead and yahoo answer?

    Most internet marketers know about content blocking... They will not bother filling out an offer. Your better to target a niche with a demographic that wouldn't of been hammered with content blockers in the past.
  20. sf

    Need to know some IM secret

    WF is full of "fake it till you make it" marketers... Seriously, do you think someone would hand out a method that made $50K for $20? The people who sell WSO's make money from selling WSO's. Most do not make money from actual IM.