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  1. agapril07

    About paypal

    Geezez sniffer. Go into a Union Bank and get a EON Visa Debit card account. You will be able to use that re PayPal verification and a lot of other online things that require either a VISA or MasterCard logo. You can also get a Smart Money Card. Look here...
  2. agapril07

    Hello Im from Philippines

    Kumusta ka sniffer. Bawal CPALead - mukha silang baboy. ;) ..
  3. agapril07

    Facebook a waste of time ..anyone else agree?

    There's nothing about FB in the videos. It's just another monthly membership site to pour money down the drain into. And the post above is SPAM. ..
  4. agapril07

    CPA Lead - giant scam?

    There is a veritable conga line of CPA Lead complaints built up here on this forum alone. I was going to do a cut and paste job but frankly I can't be bothered wasting any more time on scammers. Fact is you gotta look after yourself and devise a work around method that cuts the likes of CPA...
  5. agapril07

    Good Video - Article Spinning Warning

    Here is a 25 min video detailing new advanced method of spinning articles in order to satisfy Google ever increasing sophistication in detecting duplicate content. Some members have reported that the video...
  6. agapril07

    Free $77 promo code Facebook Ads

    There was an error This code has already been activated on another account. ..
  7. agapril07

    CPA Lead - giant scam?

    Adscend Media with my affiliate link below for you to sign up under please. Okay - the aff link bit was a joke.:p Thanks Too Short - I had heard of them around the traps as the chorus of CPA Leads complaints rise in shrilling scamming crescendo. ..
  8. agapril07

    CPA Lead - giant scam?

    1) I think you got to check your set up is working correctly and can't believe you (or a friend) wouldn't proceed to complete a survey. I immediately contacted CPA Lead and advised them on learning the lead had not converted. Nothing to hide as I thought every prudent affiliate would do...
  9. agapril07

    CPA Lead - giant scam?

    Are you stupid Rhino? Read what I have said twice already. I completed my own survey. It did not convert on completion. It could not convert because it is set to default to a prefigured circular survey offer menu that one can never successfully navigate away from. I was scammed as a site...
  10. agapril07

    CPA Lead - giant scam?

    Thanks for the heads up happyman1001. :wavey: The headline intro reads lolz: Are You Leaving Money On The Table Everyday With CPALead? Did you know the majority of your visitors leave your website without completing a survey!!! ..
  11. agapril07

    CPA Lead - giant scam?

    Is there a patronizing comment block on these forum boards? Or is it the air conditioning that is affected? Come on Rhino, you normally come up with good stuff but that is all old hat wa wa wa......... I completed the survey myself! It's not about shaving per se but the CPA Lead system...
  12. agapril07

    CPA Lead - giant scam?

    If they shave (scam) then as affiliates we can share our experience and let the cards fall wherever. You have choices - either forget them and install you own Gateway Lock (BHCB, Referrer Guardian et al), or alternatively as happyman1001 has wisely opined, get intimate with the system (and...
  13. agapril07

    CPA Lead - giant scam?

    I have accumulated 13 clicks with a single conversion $0.38 conversion. Let's trace my set up and see how utterly impossible my conversion rate is in reality. Smuck sees free sw DL offer for widget/gidget/video/eBook/whatever. He DLs without a hassle. He opens file and finds content password...
  14. agapril07

    Do you know good bulk Email sender

    I looked at this a while back. It was presented on Wicked Fire and freceived a cool reception given the rotating SMTP hosting set up. How many email have you managed to send/inbox per day on average anitajohnson and are you able to comment on the integrity of the 'opt-in' records for sale? thanks
  15. agapril07

    CPA Lead - giant scam?

    Thanks happyman1001 for your sincere insights. But from what you say that adds up to S-C-A-M I shouldn't have to ask the AM how the survey converts - it should just freaking convert. And if it doesn't then why I am getting the SPAM emails from the merchant in my inbox? The idea...
  16. agapril07

    CPA Lead - giant scam?

    I recently joined CPA Lead and gave it a twirl as per some useful tutorials found on this forum. Got one You Tube video up as a kite flying exercise but managed over 100 views in less than 24 hours. So far so good. Being the skeptical type I went to my New York based VPS to put my set up (pw...
  17. agapril07

    GEOIP Based Doubl Meta Refresh

    :p:p I love it BdBoop - someone who knows less than I do about coding mumbo jumbo. the marker '//' tells the computing Gods to ignore what follows. So you can splatter last nights dinner left overs in there and it won't alter the script performance. ..
  18. agapril07

    Hello MMD

    Welcome along pvagenius. Good demand for decent PVAs. Get some rep and away you go. Good luck. ..
  19. agapril07

    Tips for monetizing facebook horny guys?

    The last of the great Romantics. :beer: ..
  20. agapril07

    How to get $100 worth Facebook vouchers

    Let those without sin cast the first stone. BTW - I think shares can and should be appropriately referenced. Does it still work ranzuken? ..