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  1. taranisman

    Envisionforce sucks!

    Don't waste your time with these guys. $100 per sign up?Right. Only if they stay on for over a month. I wasted so much time trying to promote these guys and have over 10 sign ups and didn't get a damn dollar for it. Stay away.
  2. taranisman

    Time to get paid...

    Thanks guys. Not a true noob anymore as I have had my cherry popped...but I really need to start making some serious cash. Not noob money, I want Mod Money! I am working very hard on my newest venture so if anyone wants to JV with me on my ORM biz, hit me up and let's both make some money...
  3. taranisman | Earn money sharing movie links - up to $4.50 per 1000 visitors

    Signed up for a kick. I'll see how it goes. Thanks. How often does it update the click counter? It says I have zero still and I sent it out to a lot of places...should have some return by now.
  4. taranisman

    30-DAY FREE SEO TRIAL! Don’t Miss Out On This!

    By the way, if you don't like the service, which I think you will, just make sure to cancel and a $295/mo service costs you 1 penny! You can't beat that.
  5. taranisman

    It Breaks My Heart :(

    Thanks guys. I know everyone always says that "the money's in the list", but it's so hard to build that list. If there was ONE specific way that you have had the most success with in building your list, what would that be? I know it's probably hard to pinpoint just one thing, but us noobs...
  6. taranisman

    Advanced Media Buy Strategy

    Nice idea. Pretty basic info though. Can you provide a little more detail?
  7. taranisman

    Free Trial SEO Service. No Contracts. No Hidden Fees. Cancel Anytime.

    Work sample? What would that be? Take a look at their site and get the info from there. It's explained very well and you have 30 days to decide if you want to stay with them or not. If you don't see any results at all, just cancel before the 30 days is up. I do actually use them for the SEO on...
  8. taranisman

    How to get email removed from ****mer list?

    I do actually have several email addresses. But when I try to sign up for stuff, such as forums (lol) i get blocked sometimes because it says that my IP address is listed as ****. WTF? I really didn't even do anything to deserve it. I didn't s p a m, it was some stupid software scraping stuff...
  9. taranisman

    How to get email removed from ****mer list?

    When I first started in IM I was using some software and didn't switch or hide my IP address. Now my email gets sent to ****, because my IP is listed as **** I guess. Sucks. I'm legit and have a real business. I want to make sure my emails are sent to the persons inbox not shoved...
  10. taranisman

    Vito Glazers Aka Cpatank owner caught shaving

    Heh. Talk about negative keywords. Maybe Vito could use some rep Seems to be doing pretty well, though. Safe to assume that the OP is full of SHT since that was his first post. Lame.
  11. taranisman

    !! Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid !!

    Cherry...that was pretty brief. Your post sounds kind of ****my. Maybe that's just me. There aren't too many things around that you can explain well in just a few sentences...That being said, I think that this is good information. Especially the part about social media. You can't create a...
  12. taranisman

    My 61k Fb Page

    I was trying to check it out, but your link doesn't work.
  13. taranisman

    Anchor Text

    Anchor text is very important. Just make sure to vary it quite a bit...i.e.: business name, cool stuff, click here, visit this site,, check this out...just make sure that you don't use the same anchor text over and over...
  14. taranisman

    Why is MMD becoming stuffed with garbage?

    Not worried about it, I just think it's funny. But I'm sure there are people from all over the world that are members here...And this, even though it's about making money, is also about life in general. You had better have thick skin to make any money in this business.
  15. taranisman

    Why is MMD becoming stuffed with garbage?

    Not everyone speaks English well, and even less type English well...However, that doesn't excuse people from making BS posts and asking stupid questions that if they just took a minute to look around, they would find the damn answer to. It does get annoying, especially when you find sales pages...
  16. taranisman

    New Rules for this section * Add your Referral Links here*

    Great. Thanks for fixing that. I just paid the $15 and re-upped my post. Thanks for the help. I love this place!
  17. taranisman

    30-DAY FREE SEO TRIAL! Don’t Miss Out On This!

    Are you looking for high quality SEO services to boost your website above your competitors? EnvisionForce is currently offering a 30-day free trial on their premium search engine marketing services. Signup here while the offer lasts: EnvisionForce SEO Services They only guarantee that...
  18. taranisman

    New Rules for this section * Add your Referral Links here*

    So I posted an ad in here, and It was 35$. I honestly didn't realize That's what I paid as I haven't had my coffee yet, but why does it say $15 is the cost and it charged $35? Can I get my $20 extra back please?
  19. taranisman

    Strategies to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

    Thanks for the extra motivation SWIFF! I know that this year is going to be awesome and even though I am still striving for the elusive "laptop lifestyle", I won't stop until I make it happen. Good luck to everyone in 2013!
  20. taranisman

    Anyone interested in making a few $ from a silent install

    $5 for 1000 installs? I think it's gonna cost more than that. To get someone to install an unknown software on their computer? Good luck with that homie.