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  1. smooth86

    Leadbolt sucks!! Dont work with them

    I got remaining balance to they I earn it LAST YEAR!!.. and last month I try to work with them to add my earning to reach there minimum payouts... But they keep charging me ... and LAST MONTH i earn just to get the remaining balance after 5 days before payouts they charging me again.. Explain...
  2. smooth86

    Newby & Some questions about leadbolt

    dont work at leadbolt... waste of time... this network suck about there CHARGEBACK!!
  3. smooth86

    What Happen In CPALEAD?

    Anybody member in CPALEAD ?? please till me not only me no more Chat , forum , etc... Any staff at cpalead here please reply.
  4. smooth86

    Facebook disable my account with many of pages on it

    You must already this will be happen... im working at facebook traffic also but my pages are safe because i put 4 admin role in every pages which are all manager role... 1 are very safe no history of posting at page ... and 3 are active in posting at page... what every happen in this 3 account I...
  5. smooth86

    Get unlimited FREE SMS texting!!! International site!!

    lol 2007 posted you searched?
  6. smooth86

    I hate CPALEAD!! After 1 year

    Yes there premium system is making new member hate them.. on other cpa no more premium you can do whatever you want to promote offers... only i like in cpalead is payouts and customize widget.. but still hate about premium system... :)
  7. smooth86

    I hate CPALEAD!! After 1 year

    After 1 year I joined in CPALEAD AM still refusing me to have premium offers... Imagine I got lead 20 and only give me 4$!! and I contact AM's almost everyday to help me but KEEP ignoring me... I work hard just to viral my apps but giving me a 4$ all in all I feel dissapointed I joined and drive...
  8. smooth86

    How To Increase Reach Percentage in my Fanpage?

    Hello, I have a fanpage but not so large, Can i ask to anyone that pro in facebook? Is there a way to increase my percentage reach in my ever post?
  9. smooth86

    My really bad Year :(

    1. After a year member in CPAlead my keep denied me in premium offers even i follow the whitehat methods like my friends do and then are now premium even im the first a member by them. same method same niche but only got denied, hard to scale up because of lack of offers in other country , if...
  10. smooth86

    Best Quality Hotmail , Yahoo , AOL , Twitter @ reasonable price

    Hi Do you accept 100 youtube account to buy only?
  11. smooth86

    Any one knows " ********* " ?

    Im new in that network to advertise my campaign but sadly until know my campaign is pending and I already pay them 25$. Does any one knows that this network is still working? I fill up ticket but no reply, also in there facebook fanpages no admin reply to me. edited: BTW its " A d f o c . u s...
  12. smooth86

    Leadbolt Coupon Code

    Hello Leadbolt is there a new coupon code that I can redeem . since I join I don't have any coupon code redeem yet. THANKS
  13. smooth86

    What was last movie you watched?

    Happy Feet 2...:fisheye: and I'm still looking for movies that animated.
  14. smooth86

    Get as many likes as you can, as fast as you can to your Facebook page!

    are your apps not auto post to the users? then find this code----> if ($_GET['action'] == "publish") <----- then delete it at upload.php... it will ask to users if he will post the result with that code... if you remove that code it will redirect to final page as seen in config...
  15. smooth86


    damn i waste my time dealing with this guy... I thought you share to me the script after i status update ... your not a good for dealing... your just scamming me... BTW: try to improve your content about your fanpage put some eye catching picture and description not a mix words... again...
  16. smooth86


    Still no reply after i post status update in my fanpage.... are you scamming or what?
  17. smooth86


    I Think i Grow your Fanpage I spam your fanpage to my fanpage.. Can i Get the script now?
  18. smooth86


    Hello Im Waiting For Your Reply,,,, Thanks..
  19. smooth86


    do you share that APPS scipt? or you mistake putting "GET" word in threads
  20. smooth86

    Is FILESONIC no longer working????

    Until there's SOPA Freedom of internet will DIE!! ... i think Mayan Calendar is True " Its End Of The Internet " ... who's Next?? Youtube , The Pirate Bay and all sharing sites... And I Think forum also are include in sharing files ... Now Tell Me Are You Supporting SOPA? Image without...