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    How can I sleep better?

    I can't agree with all the previous statements. I think, consulting your doc is the first step. Then, I wouldn't suggest you take naps during the day. It's better to have a good night sleep. I won't suggest you take pills, because you could become depending on them and they often have side...
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    I agree that you shouldn't stop taking pills abruptly. poliq's suggestions are really good, I fully support his list. I would add, that you can first decrease your dosage, then change your pills to those with less effect (less active matters). You can check for alternatives on Online Pharmacy...
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    Photoshop or CorelDraw?

    Photoshop. Who can enumerate the superiority points of CorelDraw?
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    Earn $100 a day

    I tried it. My cookies can't afford it :(
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    Mobile Apps That Pay You Real Money?

    Ok, I understand. And how much you can earn in a month, e.g.? If you can share with me such information, of course;)
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    Mobile Apps That Pay You Real Money?

    Has anyone tried to make money that way? Does it work?