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  1. PimpinIsEasy

    Scuba's CarFax Method

    I like where this is going 10 different ideas come to mind already a few 1. PPV broke down ride pop ups.. Need car fax? 2. insurance 3. credit reports 4. email list 5. window tinging/alrams 6. rims/tires 7. loans
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    ⎝⓿⏝⓿⎠BallerCam: 20 G's To Play With

    Now this is something I would like to see
  3. PimpinIsEasy

    My name is Doc, but you can call me Ben :)

    Affiliate summit 09! Will never forget it and I'm glad I did. Shit its 2012 time flys by when your having fun! Pimpin
  4. PimpinIsEasy

    My name is Doc, but you can call me Ben :)

    I'm still debating on witch one is scarier ;) Good move Pimpin
  5. PimpinIsEasy

    WTF is wrong with this kid? (must watch video)

    shit makes my palms sweaty lol
  6. PimpinIsEasy

    Blackhat Dating Site Method (.Y.) MMD Exclusive

    Damn Kickapooh you've been on a roll since you have been here. Nice method!!
  7. PimpinIsEasy

    If you could have anything on this site...

    Damn I feel like a 7 year old going through the old Christmas Sears catalog lol.
  8. PimpinIsEasy

    white hat app that getting 40k clicks per hour

    I have 520,346 pieces of gum and 2,457 tootsie rolls. PM me!!!
  9. PimpinIsEasy

    Your script + My traffic = $$$ !

    Is this a fact?.........................
  10. PimpinIsEasy

    Doc Need Your Attention Here

    He is one scary dude in real life let me tell you. I thought I was meeting someone from the hells angels or something. Pimpin
  11. PimpinIsEasy

    New Elite Member promoted Seo20

    That's a pretty sweet coat your rocking dude. Congrats and welcome to the party bro! Pimpin
  12. PimpinIsEasy


    And all this time I'm just over complicating things BAHAHAHAHA. I was LOLing the whole way through this convo. Klix I think we should defiantly keep this up to show everyone how fuckin retard this wanker of a scammer is. Hell I almost skyped him and invested in the private network because he...
  13. PimpinIsEasy

    Goooooooooooooood morning MMDCASSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    LOl you might just fit in around here T Pimpin
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    Easy CPA Method - $20 a Day!

    Where is any of this blackhat? Its not! This is just HARD incent i.e paying people to fill out an offer and in return you receive a commission. There is nothing wrong with this idea and/or method. The only thing that you need to be well AWARE of is the offers/network you are running with that...
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    Welcome the new purple coat Krayzie

    Shut the front door!!!!! Krayzie Kraz congrats man! Your looking pretty sweet in those new threads you got on PS send me more videos LOL Pimpin
  16. PimpinIsEasy

    SF Back To ELITE VIP

    YOOOOOOOO welcome back dude!! Glad your back pimpin your grey mink again ;) See you around Pimpin
  17. PimpinIsEasy

    Watch out for sites like

    spamcop? this message is real short
  18. PimpinIsEasy

    MaxBounty Introduces Weekly Payments for all Publishers

    Just got this email not to long ago from Steve at Maxbounty Not long ago, we reached out to all of our publishers to conduct a survey on their thoughts and concerns relating to MaxBounty and performance marketing through CPA networks in general. One of the most common responses from all...
  19. PimpinIsEasy


    I hope your not serious!!!