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  1. PimpinIsEasy

    MaxBounty Introduces Weekly Payments for all Publishers

    Just got this email not to long ago from Steve at Maxbounty Not long ago, we reached out to all of our publishers to conduct a survey on their thoughts and concerns relating to MaxBounty and performance marketing through CPA networks in general. One of the most common responses from all...
  2. PimpinIsEasy

    Chatbox Q&A With Insanity and PImpin

    For the next 60 mins or so Insanity and I are answering any questions that you may have. Not only can you get real answers to solve your problem but you get to kick it with us for a good hour and get down to business.. The winner is Santorini! Congrats dude!! Thanks Pimpin
  3. PimpinIsEasy

    Who said computers arent cool?

    Wanna be the man on the block? Get one of these bad boys for the crib I know I am! NovelQuest | Welcome YouTube - Emperor Workstation
  4. PimpinIsEasy

    Do You Do CPA?

    Hey MMD'ers Pimpin here!! I'm looking for seasoned Affiliate marketers in the CPA game. If you push $50-$100 a day please PM ASAP for further chats! What am I looking for? No black hat Preferably email/zip submits and one page lead gen's Have any questions please post here or PM me! Looking...
  5. PimpinIsEasy

    Pimp Your Desk Top!

    What MMD'ers Pimpin here with a fat program to pimp your desktop. Nor do I own or make any money off of it but I sure do use it everyday. Go to I used the installer version Do a search for rainmeter skins in asshole I mean google LOL Here is an example and exactly what I'm...
  6. PimpinIsEasy

    ✤ Have A Laugh ✤

    This is one of my favorite movies check out the clip! YouTube - Full Metal Jacket - Motivational Speech Thanks Pimpin
  7. PimpinIsEasy

    Very Simple Adult Offline/Online Method

    Hey what’s up MMD? OK so I'm going to share another story with everyone once again so hold on to your hats because it’s been awhile. OK so you’re comfortable having a cold drink surfing MMD and just reading this lol … Well what I did is this. It involves offline and online adult...
  8. PimpinIsEasy

    FREE VIP Access?

    I bet Your wondering what all this is about aren't you? Well I'm giving a away 1 month free of VIP access out of my pocket to a lucky MMD member. Yes this means you don't paying anything for 1 month and its on me. If you are on the fence about joining VIP here is your chance. The Chat...
  9. PimpinIsEasy

    Giving credit where credit is due

    OK so last night I had a willing desire to make some new adwords accounts for a up coming adventure. So I'm in the chat just shooting the breeze as normal with all my MMD buddies and About half way through making my account I thought to myself let me ask some of the my VIP pals if they have any...
  10. PimpinIsEasy

    The Big G's Content Network

    I found this article just a bit ago and thought it was a good read for all you google content go getters!! Google’s contextual advertising through AdWords offers advertisers several ways to expand their advertising reach and generate additional qualified leads or increase their sales beyond...
  11. PimpinIsEasy


    I'm just getting my day started and this is one of my reports I look at everyday.. I am always amazed at the numbers and budget of the these companies.. (This is all daily figures) Top Lists Top Paid Ad Spenders per day $557,048 $515,787
  12. PimpinIsEasy

    Let the Tiger jokes begin

    What do Tiger Woods and baby seals have in common? They're both in danger of being clubbed by Norwegians! Tiger Woods crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree. He couldn't decide between the iron or the wood. His wife Elin told police that she went for a rescue wood, but it looks...
  13. PimpinIsEasy

    Are You mentally Ready?

    OK fellow MMDers Goals are are very important factor about making money online… it sounds dumb and laugh it up if you want to and have a good time… but serious it’s true… Placing mental pictures in your head or writing down goals can do wonders for your mind.. I mean why wish for a...
  14. PimpinIsEasy

    Something Inspirational ??

    Ok before everyone says holly shit not another gay ass thread just chill. Hey every now and than someone sees something that inspires them or something inspiring or just a good ol' quote!! -Feel free to to add your inspirational lines or just a good quote Here are a few of my quote's that I...
  15. PimpinIsEasy

    My First Share--Kill It With PPC!!!

    what up to all my fellow pimps and playas!! Ok this is my first share on here so I thought I would share it here because all of the "****" that has been going(you know what I mean) on some other forums ok im going to share something that made me $8100 in 1 week. no BS so what are we talking...
  16. PimpinIsEasy

    Yes im the "FNG"

    Hey whats every body just saying hi and looking forward to contributing all that I know to the forum.