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  1. Reizar

    Need a big favour - $10 reward and invite to the next big social network

    Hey everyone, I haven't been active on MMD for quite a while due to a lot of things I've had going on. Anyway, some of you might have heard about Mycube, its the new social network that is aiming to take down Facebook. Ive actually applied for the special internship they have: THE MyCube...
  2. Reizar

    Sorry for the inactivity

    Hey Guys, Sorry I haven't been around much, lately I have had many regional competitions and national competitions for Debating and Economics. As well as a truck load of school work, teachers have been piling up a lot of assessments lately. Ontop of all that I am studying for my exams which...
  3. Reizar

    The IP shortage

    So I was watching the news today and there was a story that caught my attention. We only have about 340 days worth of IP address left. ( they worked out how many new IP's were being made a day and then checked it against the number currently available ). Here's an article I found about it...
  4. Reizar

    Why you shouldn't post your picture on the internet

    This is an old trolljob, but still funny none the less. I always laugh every time I see it.
  5. Reizar Effective and Easy link cloaking solutions

    Hey Guys, I would like to introduce Professional Short URL Cloaking Service to you all. For the last month or so MMD VIP members have been let in to test the waters and now its time for the MMD public to be let loose as well. What is Shrten me is the advancement in url shortening...
  6. Reizar

    Copyright Laws in your country

    Hey Guys, I am doing some research here, as New Zealand is about to get hit with some heavy copyright protection laws. The way our government are introducing them is actually really bad. I may have a chance to go into Parliament quite soon and actually be able to debate this issue among other...
  7. Reizar

    Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design

    Saw this today and laughed quite a bit. Thought some of you should get a chuckle out of this:
  8. Reizar

    Reizar's Indexer Bot - Free Automated way to get your site indexed in hours

    Hey guys, After seeing Doc's post here: I thought I would turn those sites into an automated solution. Thanks to Ubot and a spare 20 minutes I had I have done so. Just enter your...
  9. Reizar

    CPALead Questions, Methods, Tips , Tricks and Discussion Thread

    Basically it seems there is a lot of interest with CPA Lead lately. Its a great CPA network to be a part of when your first starting out and even when you are really experienced. ( Some people push $5k a day on CPA Lead ). For those of you who don't know what CPA Lead is. Check out...
  10. Reizar

    MMD Answers - How it works

    Hey Guys, This is a new section I just opened up and configured. Basically this section works similar to Yahoo Answers. In which members are able to ask questions and other members can reply to them. But members can also choose the best reply so that the thread becomes more valuable and less...
  11. Reizar

    Whats your internet speed?

    Haven't seen a thread for the hardcores to brag about their internet yet :P Go to - The Global Broadband Speed Test and then copy in your speed test result. Will be interesting to compare the various speeds people get. Well I will start. So heres mine ( New Zealand internet isn't...
  12. Reizar

    Site Flipping Guide 2. Cash in from being funny. Viralness at its peak.

    Hey guys, This is the next installment of my Site flipping guides. Although I thought I may let this be open to regular members too. If you want at the 1st one ( Learn how to make sites that make you $100 and then flip them for $500. Upgrade to Jr VIP and check it out ) This is my guide which...
  13. Reizar

    Facebook'ers are guillable. So monetize them.

    This message has been going around Facebook and so many people have fallen for it and have continued to send it around. Just from today I have recieved this in my inbox from 100+ of my friends ( on my personal account ). What does this mean for us? It means that people on Facebook are stupid...
  14. Reizar

    Internet Cafe Advertising = $$$

    Hey guys, This is one method that I have used in the past and it has been quite profitable. Quite simple really. Just utilizing an unused traffic source. Well in my city in New Zealand there is an Internet Cafe called Old Boy. They have pretty cheap rates for getting ads on the desktop of all...
  15. Reizar

    Thanks MMD. - A testimonial from Reizar

    Hey Guys, So heres a little testimonial from me about my time here at MMD. I have been a member for close to a month and what a month it has been. I don't believe I have ever been on a forum that I have enjoyed being on this much. Infact after 10 minutes of being on the forum I had signed up...
  16. Reizar

    SPDY: Google wants to speed up the web by ditching HTTP

    Saw this on: and thought it was interesting. Might be worth a discussion or two...
  17. Reizar

    My Present to MMD. MMD Ventrilo Server

    Hey Guys, Seeing as MMD is such a great place. I thought I would donate a present to MMD that I thought would be cool to talk to all the other MMD members via Voice Chat. Remember to keep active in the forum though. You can download Ventrilo Here: Ventrilo - Download Product Server Details...
  18. Reizar

    Bank $500+ Whenever you want it. My own personal method

    Hi MMD, Some of you might have seen me post this method on another forum. Well I got it deleted on that forum and thought I would share it with you all. Sorry for formatting issues. Only had it in a .doc file on my computer and copying it into a forum post messed up the format a bit...
  19. Reizar

    Simple way for profiting of Adsense and CPA on Semi Autopilot

    Alright MMD, I have comfortably been profiting off Adsense and CPA for the last few months with quite a nice handsome income. And I am going to teach you how too. This is all whitehat and involves a bit of work. But it pays of well. Whats the general concept behind this method? This is...
  20. Reizar

    Hey MMD

    Hi MMD, Name's Aaron in real life. Ex BHW member went by the name of Skuxta. But I have had enough of them. Im 16 and live in New Zealand and I think I already know quite a few of you from past experiences. Well anyways I look forward to seeing you guys round the forum and in fact I might...