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  1. Ashleigh4u

    I ordered a virtual bank account to verify a US paypal account on the 25th. The information this guy sent me didnt work and paypal refused to verify the account. I've contacted him countless times and he told me to 'try again'. When it failed again he asked for a yahoo IM to contact me...
  2. Ashleigh4u

    Strongerads anyone?

    Ive been searching online for a CPA network that will accept BH and CL traffic. I found someone using hassoffers, the network is called Strongerads. Has anyone used them before? This seems pretty good to me, they claim payout on BH/CL offers is weekly as long as youre over $100. Id love to...
  3. Ashleigh4u

    Need some help desperately! forwarding info domain

    I've recently registered a .info domain with Godaddy to use as a redirect for my affiliate link. I have a vps so I went to the 'add host' section and entered the information for my vps there. This seemed to work as my page redirected automatically to the link I entered in the forwarding...
  4. Ashleigh4u

    Ewhore, or not?

    I started posting a few ads on CL recently so I tend to look at other ads to see what they say/do to make it look real. I've come across this ad more than once in different areas.....if this is an ewhore Id love to know how they twist this one! What do you this real or not? Id say...
  5. Ashleigh4u

    bathroom self shots

    Found this site while looking for pics for my new 'whore'....some of these are quite funny especially 'Grandpa wants to date online'. Hope someone gets a giggle out of this. :p Bathroom Self Taken Shots Gallery
  6. Ashleigh4u

    how do I cloak my aff link/id?

    Im looking into using CL for traffic soon, for MMDcash this wont be an issue but I am wanting to take some of the traffic I get to another affiliate (who isnt openly ewhore friendly) The scam alert on CL concerns me a bit and I would like to find out how to cloak my aff link or aff id, so that...
  7. Ashleigh4u

    Hi everyone, glad to be here!

    I was introduced to the forum by a friend of mine this morning, so excited to have a look around. Looks like this is going to be awesome! Looking forward to getting to know everyone. :-)