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  1. Parijs

    Help, theres to many lol

    Hey guys, I decided to get back into the swing of things and kinda got a bit ahead of myself before making a real game plan. Since I am really a real female and have the looks and figure, I decided to put MYSELF out there, so i posted an ad on c-list advertising myself as single and bored...
  2. Parijs

    Stinkin CU

    :( im so bummed, I been workin my ass off with CU offers and I know for a fact 3 people really did signup today alone, but not one sale showing :( hope its the biller 9 issue thats the problem still becuz I should of had sales for other days to but nothing :(
  3. Parijs

    WOOOHOOOO MY First 20 Bucks

    lol....ok so i know its only pennies to most of u pro IM'ers but dang.....I am smiling my ass off right now. Using CU, youtube and tinyurl lol. Lots of views tho....and lots of ppl clicking my link but only 1 took the bait. So time to tweak it a little and scale it up hehe. To all you new...
  4. Parijs


    Did MMD get rid of the ewhoring section? I cant find it anywhere.
  5. Parijs

    cherryshares question

    saw the ad today on the site, and wanted to know if anyone here has any personal experience with
  6. Parijs

    How much do you think?

    Hey guys, I got a second computer thats never used and I want to sell it to gain the extra cash but Im not to sure whats a good price to ask for it. Keeping in mind Im from Canada, P4 - 3.20 GHz 1GB Ram - DDR ATI Radeon HD 3870 - 512mb 120 GB HD 700 GB External HD CD/DVD RW 19 inch flat...
  7. Parijs


    Ok, so I managed to get myself a cheap hosting package, but didn't have enough for the domain name so I choose for a sub :( bummer I know. Anyways....I went and got a redirect from .tk so its all good, the site it basically a testing ground for me atm........ so heres my problem. I dont...
  8. Parijs

    Hi from Ontario Canada :)

    Hey guys, glad to of found this site. I have been up all night reading and reading post after post lol. I accidentally found this site while searching for some fb gaming guides, go figure. I am absolutely amazed at some of the ideas and techniques I have been reading. I had no idea about...