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  1. simonbaker

    Can anyone list some rss feed submission websites ?

    Hi, Can any one list some rss feed websites where we can submit our blogs... I believe in link diversity hence would like to know some more sites other than the ones I am linking below
  2. simonbaker

    How many of you have successfully got into google news??

    Hi guys... I hope this is a good question to ask... How many of you have successfully got into google news and how difficult it is to get into google news... Please do share your views !!
  3. simonbaker

    Problem with Sharecash??

    Hi, Any one else is getting 502 bad gateway when accessing Please let me know guys!!
  4. simonbaker

    Tips on optimizing sites for Bing ??

    Guys can you share your on how to rank well in I just want to see as many tips as I can on Bing as Bing is getting better these days and no of people using it has increased.
  5. simonbaker

    When is the best time to link two similar websites?

    I have two similar websites(both are in the same niche) and they both are like one month old...Is it ok to interlink these two websites or should I wait longer...Please let me know If I can go for a site wide link in this case...