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    [REQ] Fan Page High Virality

    I found this Fan Page which has got Iframe buzz-france[.]info/araignee/ * User must installed Mozilla or Chrome Plugin This plugin invite friends of victime to LIKED a page. Firefox plugin is here = buzz-france[.]info/araignee/essentials.xpi Iframe.php is here = ./iframe.php Chrome...
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    [REQ] Viral App ?

    Hey Have yuh got Viral App for FB ? I want " create_event, or post_wall... " Because the others scripst are banned or dont work ! I think that Viral Event script not working . Thanks guys
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    [REQ] Facebook Viral Group

    Can you help me to find script or develop viral script ?
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    [REQ] Auto Surf

    Have you got an Auto Surf Script ? Thanks you bro
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    [REQ] Viral Script App FB

    I search good script viral for app fb, Can you linked your download links SCRIPT WHO WORK in this post ? Thanks ! PS : I can you help to make script if you want :redface: PS : Event.invite ==> Down or changed by fb :vollkommenauf: Thanks all :bird:
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    [HELP] Infraction Viral Event

    I have problem in this viral script ! Script dont send invitations, so can you help me to modify script for send invits ? Thanks you