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  1. Krayzie

    How to Fill out a W8 Form! (my way)

    Hey bro. Any ideas why i can't upload my W8 from on mmdcash? I tired several times but i can't upload it.It just loads and when its finished it asks me again to upload it.
  2. Krayzie


    Welcome to MMD Andrew! Enjoy your stay bro.
  3. Krayzie

    Welcome me?

    Hey LCTG! Welcome to MMD! :)
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    Hey Rizzo! Welcome to MMD. Enjoy :)
  5. Krayzie

    Hello everyone . Just want to ask something !

    Pay per lead is usually a free signup or like twenty said email submit.As fas as i know LvlAds don't have an iframe but you can make your own landing pages.Im sure the AM's will help you with that.
  6. Krayzie

    Highest paying FREE Sign up dating sites?

    I've seen 5,05 the highest for hookup offers. And the highest i've seen is 5,40 for the same hookup offer but you need to bring more than 100 leads ;)
  7. Krayzie

    PH Affiliate Manager Wanted

    Thats because its a 2 year old thread.
  8. Krayzie

    About Those Tracking Pixels

    Here's a nice tut from Luke about how to setup your tracking pixels : Add your tracking pixel to a PeerFly offer Hope it helps.I did help me to setup my tracking campaign on a different cpa network :)
  9. Krayzie

    Hey guys K here.

    Hey K! Welcome to the MMD Family :) Glad to see you here with us. Enjoy!
  10. Krayzie

    Vito Glazers Aka Cpatank owner caught shaving

    LOL! That's a first one.Vito a crackhead lol that made my day. Vito really is a down to earth person and very respected.I know Vito from some time and i talk to him on skype now and then and he really is helpful and cool guy. I really don't belive all that crap especially coming from a guy...
  11. Krayzie

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey Luke! Welcome to MMD. Enjoy your stay :)
  12. Krayzie

    Free Proffesional LOGO Designing For MMD Members from Sharuns Graphics.

    Thanks man! Awesome job. Really nice to see you doing this for our members here :)
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    Hello,all !!

    Welcome to MMD Loverose! The Best Forum on the internets :)
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    Hi MDD family

    Hey Loka! Welcome aboard. Enjoy your stay.
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    Hello! Happy to be here

    Hey Dave! Welcome to the MMD Family :)
  16. Krayzie

    Finally made a decision~! Goal : $2,500 / month Method of choice is ......

    Oh yeah. You should do Twitter,Facebook,Youtube and Google + accounts and promote your site there too.Social traffic is good and who know it might pop off and go viral. Also check this : The largest Message Boards and Forums on the web! and Forum Directory - The Forum Finder to find forums in...
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    Hi everyone!

    Hey Minommaker! Welcome to MMD - The Best IM Forum On The Net :)
  18. Krayzie

    BlamAds payment problems

    This shit is getting serious now. I see alot of people complaining about blam and ewa. Hope everyone will get their money back. This really sux!
  19. Krayzie


    Welcome to The MMD Forums allright ! Enjoy your stay :)