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  1. CoolGuy

    FREE 1k FB Likes! MoneyMakerDiscussion Giveaway

    MoneyMakerDiscussion Free Giveaway: FREE 1k FB likes to 10 people! Hey Guys! we are giving away FREE 1k likes to 10 people, to get the FREE likes you need to post in this thread then pm me your FB page and you will receive the likes within 24 to 48 hours. super simple right? SIMPLE RULES...
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    August 2014 Namecheap Coupon Code

    August 2014 Namecheap Coupon Code EOSUMMER: standard discounts on com/net/org/info/biz registrations+transfers SUMMERYFUN: 20% off first billing cycle of shared hosting HOSTSUMM: 10% off first billing cycle of VPS hosting Enjoy!
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    October 2013 Namecheap and Godaddy Coupon Codes

    October 2013 Namecheap and Godaddy Coupon Codes October 2013 Namecheap Coupon Code AUTUMNCOLORS - New domain com, net, org, biz or transfers domain com, net, org, info, biz only $9.79 GET40S - 40% off Shared Hosting GET40R - 40% off Reseller Hosting GET40V - 40% for any VPS Hosting Plan 1...
  4. CoolGuy

    How to Fill out a W8 Form! (my way)

    How to Fill out a W8 Form What is a W8 Form? An IRS form that grants a foreigner an exemption from certain U.S. information return reporting and backup withholding regulations. There are many variations of the W-8 form, such as the W-8BEN and W-8ECI. Im getting pm's asking how to fill out...
  5. CoolGuy

    Rules and Guidelines for Adult Affiliate Networks

    Rules and Guidelines for Adult Affiliate Networks 1. Adult Networks are only allowed to make 1 thread regarding their Companies. 2. Network Representatives Must be verified by the networks they represent before starting a thread. 3. MMD Staff Needs to verify the Company Network...
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    Article: Re: How to make about 3 - 10$/day.

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    List of different country domain extensions

    Ever see a Web address that doesn't end in .com, .org, .net .edu etc...Because the Web site is hosted on a server in another country, or, the origin of business is in another country. Here's a list of different country domain extensions and their corresponding countries Domain Extension &...
  8. CoolGuy

    Multiple Yahoo Messenger

    If your doing chat (ewhoring) and you want to have multiple girls online this trick can help you. I'm sure most of us know this, but most of the noobs doing chat dont know this trick. Step 1 Click on Start -> Run… Step 2: Type Regedit in Run text box and hit enter to launch Registry Editor...
  9. CoolGuy

    Article: Cool Way on How to Bank Big Time Using Pornsites$$$

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  10. CoolGuy

    Post Count Rule Has Been Changed to 25!

    MMD Update: The Rules Have Been Change its not 50 post to Access the Download Section its 25 post now. Note: Warning to all members who's posting useless posts just to inflate post count. We will Ban you if we catch you!
  11. CoolGuy


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY INSANITY! Today is the Birthday of my closest friend and a brother, One of the best and stand up Guy here in MMD! It's INSANITY'S Birthday! So let me be the first to greet you HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! And May You Have More BIRTHDAY'S To Come! its your day man! your cool bro...
  12. CoolGuy

    Thank You MMDcash!

    Hi guys! im making this thread coz i want to say thank you to MMDcash! i just got my first car because of MMDcash so im so happy i right now!:beer: im making 5k to 6k a month in MMDcash...and im planning to scale it up more... i made this thread to show how thankful i am, its time to show...
  13. CoolGuy

    New Member

    i wanted to say Hi to all of you guys! im glad i became a part of this Great Community! :beer:
  14. CoolGuy

    My First Day in MMD CASH

    i got 7 sales already in my first day with MMDCASH!!! Cool!!! :beer: and Thanks to my COOL AM!