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    [HELP] Any Programmers can help me with this?

    Hey guys i need some help. i've been searching this on the net but i can't find how will this work or i just don't understand. :( Well i am working on a simple landing page created in html. I also saw a landing page that is similar on what i wanted to know. So for example my domain is...
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    Im from the Philippines! hello to all specially to all pinoy members!

    hello to all... hello "kababayan" hope we could help each other and share thoughts with another... im really glad to be a member of this site. hope you could all help me here. to my fellow pinoy i am expecting a lot from all of you. hope this post will not be ignored. cheers!
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    Hello there fellow MMD members! its nice to see you all here!

    hi there fellow members! im pinoypride from the philippines. im a new member here hope you all will welcome me as your fellow member here. i found this site from a friend and he is earning a lot from this site and i use to work for him so im not new to know some of the benefits of this site...