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  1. outbackjoe

    *** Internet 2012 in Numbers***

    Followed this link to some interesting facts about the Internet 2012...this is not mine just posting in case someone is interested... Here is the original link...Internet 2012 in numbers *************Start***************** There is so much happening on the Internet during a year that it’s...
  2. outbackjoe

    Facebook Sories: What People Are Sharing...infographic

    Here is an infographic about what people are sharing on FacebOOk - their greatest moments! Might be a way to monetize some of these stats and get more likes... cheers outbackjoe
  3. outbackjoe

    Olympic Games | Hot Girls | Mobile Phones ???? (Method)

    Another Olympic Games method to make some cash from all the lost mobile phones during the games - although my methods aim to either prevent them being lost or helping losers find their lost phones! now before I go on I must give credit where credit is due to Sova23 (MMD) who posted another...
  4. outbackjoe

    Olympics Mobile Money Maker

    Ok here goes nothing... Probably no time to get this ready for 2012 Olympics but I think will work with other major events in future. Create or go in partnership with app. developer to make a 'find my phone' app for both Android and iPhone market. If you don't know what these apps do - they...
  5. outbackjoe

    Wordpress Error - Can someone help?

    Hi, went to log into wp-admin this morning and received a warning message which includes this text at the end: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by........../wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 934 I had wp-cache installed at it gave a similar message which I have...