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    Checking Backlinks

    How do you check what ip was used for creating a backlink? Is there a tool you can use where you type in url and it tells you what ip created the page or left backlink? thanks in advance
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    Where would I find help to monetize my site ?

    Where would I find someone to help monetize my site to make money? I am on a low budget so I would need someone that would be willing to do it for cheap or maybe a percentage of my profit. I am ranked high on the first page for my targeted keyword on a 3 month old site(second-fifth place)...
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    Backlinks question

    My site is around 4 months old, I did a lot of backlinking and after 1 month had around 150 backlinks.I have been backlinking constantly since but it rarely changes and now its at 126 backlinks which I know for a fact I got that many in a single day. Is this normal? What the hell is...
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    What sites pay for submitting content?

    I've heard of a couple of sites that you can submit articles and get paid per views. Which ones are best? Is this a good way to earn some $$$. Are they only for US?
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    new website question

    I just bought 4 year old domain mygoodie(dot)com and was wondering how much its worth now as-is. I plan on ranking high for keywords and flipping in the future. I have xsitepro but not sure whether to use wordpress with content spinner or xsitepro with spun content?? Wordpress site would...
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    Changing XSE file

    Hey guys, how can I change my xse file to one that would operate on wordpress or any way I can manage my xsitepro themes through wordpress would be great. Thanks
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    Using Cracked Senuke

    Hello money makers, How do people get caught who use cracked senuke? and what is wamp?
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    Using proxy with CPA offers

    Hey guys, Do CPA networks keep track of IP's and emails submitted in offer? Can a proxy like hidemyip be used to click your own ads? I dont plan on doing this but i found a site that you can pay people to fill out your offers and make sum money. If the same person filled out 10 offers for the...
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    Hello, Just wondering what CPA networks allow prepopulate offers? I cant find them? I send my affiliate managers a message but they havent got back to me yet.