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    How To Do Blog Commenting Effectively

    Blog commenting on high quality websites related to the niche is very helpful for the website.
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    Online Marketing / Advertising

    Online Marketing is very essential if you want to make money online. Online marketing methods are: Email Marketing Blog Marketing Article Marketing
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    we need more backlink and Daily visiter

    For back-links one should do these things: Submit your website to good directories. Blog comment on dofollow related to niche blogs.
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    Best way to increase fb likes?

    To increase Facebook likes: Create Facebook Fan Page Share others postings Participate in Facebook groups web development
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    what is the best keyword research tool?

    Google word Keyword Tool is best for keyword analysis. web development
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    how to learn?

    For a novice to learn web designing one should start with a website template, one can easily learn HTML, CSS basics by working or changing the website template.
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    buying backlinks good or bad??

    Most important is what kind of back-links you want to buy blogs or forums. You should see the background of person from which you are purchasing them.
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    My New Method - Fake Program Content Locking

    I done this before also. I think you should do it and pay thanks.
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    How to Add Meta Description?

    Meta keywords are no longer seen by search engines. Matt Cutt himself say this in a video on his blog. Put keyword's SEO Meta description for better search engine ranking.
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    Who Created Facebook?

    Mark Zukerburg created Facebook.
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    About black hat SEO!

    Black Hat SEO is not according to the guidelines on Google.
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    Auto Insurance Leads Guide (Big $$$)!!

    This is really a nice PPC but you missed the file.
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    Selling Products and Get SMS

    Just visit a site they offer a text code service
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    7search - CPA CASE STUDY

    I have offer from survey he, I made good ad copy on 7search
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    Cheapest Youtube Views (1.80/k) - Up and Running - Join Our Resellers Program Before it's too Late!

    I like Matt services and used it many times. I like to have 2500 views per video.
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    (Content Locking) How to Make 100+ a day with password protecting files

    This method is not new one it is quiet old method.
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    Make $2000-3000 every month

    Your idea seems to be original and out of the box, I am interested in it, can I get the secret.
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    Promoting Your Web Site through Newsgroups

    Really nice idea to share will surely be going to newsgroups for my website promotion.
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    Free Facebook Account Creator - Would you like me to create one?

    This is really a great idea, it be great if you open it for MMD users.