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    Tried all SEO techniques...Please help

    I agree two months is not enough time six months is more realistic if all you had to do was throw some back links at a website and get a number one ranking we would all be rich wouldn't we, the one thing I have not heard you mention is on page SEO which is more important than off page I have...
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    Account creation software for all pixelpipe sites?

    does anyone have this software and if so can someone post it I wold love to have a copy
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    Using "-" in domain name!? Yes or No?

    Misunderstood your question but once again yes but no more than one "-" in the domain name neford
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    Using "-" in domain name!? Yes or No?

    Yes by all means when ever you can Google Yahoo and Bing all give it plenty of love when the key word is in the domain I won't even buy a domain if I can't get the keyword in it I have quite a few very simple web sites ranking in the top ten with almost no back linking to speak of just some good...
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    It's impossible that google is punishing so many white hat websites.

    I agree with this post I have seventeen websites up and running and in the last Google up-date none of them lost anything a few even moved up WHY I built all of them with quality content I gave Google everything they ask for I even have a couple of website that rank between 3/6 of out 25 million...
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    Thirsty Downloads Fridays

    Great ideal for us who don't have those thanks for the information neford
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    What Is Seo?

    Wow I'm not a newbie to SEO and that is still a very impressive link list Thanks neford
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    I'm not sure I see the problem as long as he is linking back ?? why not put more links into your blog to link back to your site I have hundreds if not thousands of articles posted everywhere by other people as long as my links stay in there I'm golden ??? neford
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    Noob Central, what do you want to learn?

    I want to learn how to set up mobile websites for small local business and how to sell them any help ??? neford
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    A resource for mobile marketing

    Great post some really good information on here thanks I have only recently started to look at this I can see I need to look a little closer any information or links on how to actually do Mobile marketing ??? neford
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    Hello All

    Hello all neford here I am new to your group and so glad I found this I was searching for something else and found this by accident good for me I am fairly new to the online offline thing and am looking to learn both any help will be appreciated a I am looking mostly fro offline information and...