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    My first successful flip but...

    Hey Guys, I was able to finally took action with my first autoblog 3 months ago and now I have my partial success flipping it and this is where my problem goes. My site is hosted in Siteground and they only accept CC as payment method. How will I be able to change the CC info to the buyer (I'm...
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    CPALead Instant Approval

    Just signed up with CPALead and to my surprise, I was immediately sent to the interface. Also, I received and email saying my account is fully approved. Cool! My first CPA application approval :D
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    I think I am making progress

    Hello MMD, With the wealth of informations I found here (thanks!), I am now $35 richer and had a luck finding a year free domain with 1 month free hosting. I finally made another milestone in my noob BH days. Now I am facing another roadblock moving forward. The domain I selected is related...
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    To: All MMD members from the Philippines

    Each year, CNN gives $100,000 to the winner (from a field of ten finalists--- winnowed from 9,000 nominees from all over the world) of its "Hero of the Year" award. This year, a 28-year-old Filipino, Efren Peñaflorida, made it to the top ten. (A panel of 12 well-known personalities from...
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    [GET] Hummingbird 2.0.238

    Just downloaded it and working great. Not my upload though. Anyways, here it is. Appreciate if somebody can check with 'virustotal' since my Kaspersky didn't see anything. hbird2_lonziee.rarNeed to install Adobe air first. Instruction inside. Hope you like it.
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    Hey MMD,

    Newcomer here! Thanks for having me.